Simple quilts

Simple quilts are my favorites, not only because they’re easy to make but they just visually appeal to me the most. When I started looking through my design journal yesterday to decide what I’d work on next, I wanted something simple that I could work on in little blocks of time because the next weeks are going to be very busy.

The block is called Little Cedar Tree’s although you usually see it rotated with the darks in the top corner – I like it best like this. Nothing could be easier either, I can layer 3 lights and darks right sides together on my GO 3.5 inch half square triangle die and have enough triangles for 3 blocks.


I don’t usually use this trick of fanning out the center seam of a block but in this case it has two benefits, one, it decreases bulk and two, it allows me to not worry about pressing half the seams up and half down since each block will automatically nestle with the next.


I’ll need 80 blocks plus borders to get a nice size sofa quilt and I’m contemplating borders already. I have a chisel die I’ve been wanting to use which is one possibility and I’m still flipping through Judy’s border book too.

One thought on “Simple quilts

  1. Pat McGuire

    I just received my copy of Judy’s book and I’m excited to give one a try. A pieced border adds so much to a quilt.

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