Could this day get any worse?

We just spent $$$$ to have someone come out and replace our hot water heater and still don’t have hot water. Keith will call in the AM but he’d better hope it’s fixed before he heads out of town again or I will NOT be happy.

11 thoughts on “Could this day get any worse?

  1. Marina Louw

    Oh no! Hope you manage to get it fixed asap – it sucks if you can’t have a warm bath or shower.

  2. Carolyn in NC

    I know how you feel about hot water. I had to take a freezing shower when our hot water heated failed the morning I was to go in for surgery and HAD to shower that morning. And I knew I couldn’t take one for 48 hours afterward.

    Just be thankful that you’re home with Chesty and the heat is on (and that you just went on a fabulous vacation). It’s not the end of the world. Just a bump in the road. Cuddle up with a quilt and enjoy!


  3. Cindy B.

    We had a power glitch over Christmas and only had 110 power so no hot water, range, furnace, hot water. We used a portable heater and showered at the gym. Inconvenient but doable for a couple days.

  4. Eileen Swanstrom

    How awful! ….and you’re in c-c-cold Minnesota, aren’t you?! Hope your hubby got it taken care of today, so you can enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  5. Lori in South Dakota

    oh CRUD!! Did the old one leak and make a mess? What a PITA–no hot water in the winter. Well, it could be worse–there could be no toilet!! Didn’t they just have a Polar Plunge in MNLPS? Thought I saw that on KARE. You are practicing for it!

  6. Beth in AZ

    I hope by the time you get this, the water heater is FUNCTIONING! We even get crabby if there is no hot water in Phx in the SUMMER. Altho, most of August we can get hot water out of the cold tap! lolol I’m not sure which is worse : no cold water to brush your teeth (maybe I should shlep ice cubes in there in the mornings?) or no hot water in the winter. You win…(sorry..not much of a win… 🙁 )

  7. Flatlander (Linda)

    We’ve lost our hot water a couple of times and it is NOT fun. Sometimes a hot shower feels better than other times and I will be standing under the stream of hot water and think how grateful I should be for such a blessing … we often take having hot water … for that matter just water … at the turn of a knob. Hope it is fixed soon! Personally I would be heating pans of water and mixing it with cold water in a bathtub … a small tub is better than no bathing at all!

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