Brand spanking new!

Keith ran off and left me again this morning so I’m in my sewing room and the first thing I did was put my new ironing board cover on.


Here’s the old scorched one in the trash — when was the last time you changed yours?


17 thoughts on “Brand spanking new!

  1. Lori in Tucson

    It’s amazing how something as simple can buoy our spirits! Sometimes little things DO mean a lot.

  2. Anne P

    I just changed mine yesterday too – it is reversible. What a difference in pressing – didn’t realize the old one was so worn.

  3. Deb Praus

    Hi Mary

    I take it you have hot water? I make my covers now…so much fun and I can use up some stash!

  4. Amy C

    I tried washing mine about a month ago but the scorching stains didn’t come out. Now it doesn’t seem to fit my ironing board that well. I need to give in, accept defeat and purchase a new one.

  5. Penny G

    I changed mine at Thanksgiving. My son=in=law likes to iron, but he just doesn’t change the cover. I was trying to set a good example.

  6. Robin

    Hmmmmm ……… when was the last time I changed my ironing board cover …. lol today and I got the same cover as you.

  7. Cyndi Holguin

    I don’t remember I think I will go get a new one tomorrow but I bet I won’t put it on until ahh lets say a month from now. hehe

  8. Marillyn Smith

    Just changed mine this week. I bought the new cover at Road to California…and also a new Oliso iron that we love. I have a Rowenta board and have had no luck replacing the cover. It is oversized and finally found a place that would make one but I decided to make my own. But, before I got it made I bought this new one at the quilt show and we love it. Put two layers of batting under it and did not use the foam. The iron is fantastic.

  9. Gio

    I changed mine last saturday… there was a glue incident involved… I must admit that my sunday ironing session was a little better than usual… dunno why, though… 🙂

  10. nikki

    I bought an ironing board at the flea market here in Munich when I first arrived….It is practically a big board and in pristine condition! I paid 5 Euro for it. Now I won’t get it until my sister moves home in 2 years but the money I have saved!

    In the local Walmarty kind of store I noticed new ironing boards….38 Euro and they are big boards also. Not sure why USA has to have skinny boards!

    Also, the majority of Germany’s irons are the kind that have the water holder separate. I have heard they are hotter than ours.

    Love your loopy leaves….I pinned it.

  11. Lori in South Dakota

    I replace my ironing board cover when I wear a hole in it!

    Have I said I laugh every time I leave a comment and do the security question–checking if I’m human? I’m a NOCTURNAL human!

  12. WonkyGirl

    Cannot find a cover for mine cuz it is a big old Martha Stewart board. Bought one on line a few years ago and it was expensive and too tight a fit. So now I have muslin to sew a new one but it will be a lot of work so put it off to sew quilty stuff 🙂

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