There are no more!

All 9 HeartStrings tops that were here on January 1st have now been quilt ( or tied ) I love it when I meet one of my goals.

I thought this one was pieced by Sue or her Mom from group blocks but the blocks are oversized at almost 15 inches so I need to go back through my email to see if it came from someone else.

I was in a meandering kind of mood but never do just plain meandering so I quilted some loopy leaves.


These leaves aren’t just pretty, they’re easy to quilt too.


Another close up.


I’ve got 7 of the 9 left to bind so that’s what I’ll be doing in February.

5 Responses to “There are no more!”

  • Gorgeous leaves! I’m going to try some leaves this week for the machine quilting challenge….hope they turn out as pretty as yours!

  • Great progress; they all look great!

  • Congratulations! I know that’s a relief! Time for a glass of wine and a book.

  • Bonita B:

    Great work ! Congratulations….You always do wonderful work. I go to your blog daily. Great inspiration.

  • Sara:

    congratulations to you! You made your goal. Way to go!!!! And you finished before the very last second of the month! My goal was to make at least 2 QOV tops in January. I have the blocks ready so maybe I can still make it if I get them put together in the next day and a half!

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