There are no more!

All 9 HeartStrings tops that were here on January 1st have now been quilt ( or tied ) I love it when I meet one of my goals.

I thought this one was pieced by Sue or her Mom from group blocks but the blocks are oversized at almost 15 inches so I need to go back through my email to see if it came from someone else.

I was in a meandering kind of mood but never do just plain meandering so I quilted some loopy leaves.


These leaves aren’t just pretty, they’re easy to quilt too.


Another close up.


I’ve got 7 of the 9 left to bind so that’s what I’ll be doing in February.

5 thoughts on “There are no more!

  1. Bonita B

    Great work ! Congratulations….You always do wonderful work. I go to your blog daily. Great inspiration.

  2. Sara

    congratulations to you! You made your goal. Way to go!!!! And you finished before the very last second of the month! My goal was to make at least 2 QOV tops in January. I have the blocks ready so maybe I can still make it if I get them put together in the next day and a half!

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