HeartStrings 2012

Usually we have a couple projects during the year in addition to working on our standard blue and red centered blocks but this year rather than choosing just one color combination we’re going to run a 6 month project and let people chose their own combinations — the catch is they need to make a full set of blocks (24 for a child, 48 for an adult). The blocks can be assembled and sent in as a top to be finished, the block sets can be sent in, or participants can finish their own quilts and donate them locally.

So while the start date isn’t until Feb 1st, I got an early start. I’m starting with my Strips and Strings Log Cabin blocks rather than our standard HeartStrings since I’m going to make my quilt from start to finish.

Do you save crumbs? I don’t make crumb quilts but they make the perfect starters for my Log Cabin blocks so I keep a bin under my sewing machine table and toss small scraps there rather than the trash. All my blocks will have a red center so I separated the reds out first.


And in a few hours … I have 20 blocks (I need 48 for a quilt) done and my string/strip bins all ready to make more blocks next Monday.


2 thoughts on “HeartStrings 2012

  1. Flatlander

    The log cabin block is my most favorite block; it is so versatile. This looks like a fun project!

  2. Elaine S

    Mary thanks for the inspiration….read this a few days ago and last night finally took my strips & strings bucket out (organized in the last month or so) and finally going to do something with my scraps! I almost have made 25 log cabin blocks!
    Thanks for your great instructions and inspiration. Elaine in Alberta, Canada…

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