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URL to PDF generator

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It’s not an app but I thought I’d share this find with you. I occasionally come across a blog post or a website that I want to save to refer back to. I can do this with an offline reader on the iPad but for knitting, quilting or crafting projects, I like to stick a PDF file in iBooks.

I found a free URL to PDF generator online when I was looking for a way to save this little crochet blanket.

The PDF format was perfect because I wanted to make sure I save the link to the random stripe generator along with the blog post.

In iBooks I sort my PDF’s by category. I have one for knitting, one for Genealogy, one for quilting, etc.

Quilts of Valor

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I receive this email and thought I’d pass along the information in case any of my readers are able to help.

I know you support Quilts of Valor and I wanted to point out to you that they have a special group request for a squadron coming home to Ft. Riley (Kansas) after a tour with many injuries and losses in Afghanistan. They are trying to get close to 400 quilts. Further information including contact information can be found here: I wondered whether your group has any quilts they could contribute? I just mailed 8 myself but they are still 200 short. Thank you! Regards, Almut

Our plan for today

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Absolutely nothing but relaxing and reading!


I’m already on my 3rd book of the trip but I have to confess something. Just before we left I bought a new Kindle Touch. I read a lot on my iPad but when outside, I need the no glare screen of the Kindle. (Yes I already had one but I wanted the Touch). One thing I’ve noticed is that I get through my books much faster on the Kindle because I’m not as tempted to stop reading to check email or a blog or get sidetracked looking something up.

Playing with video

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I’m playing with the new camera today — checking out the video setting. Obviously I was creating some noise while shooting, but the 2nd one was a little better. Now lets see if I can figure out how to embed the video here.


And here’s the 2nd one. Its funny but I think he’s kind of afraid of this toy for some reason I can’t figure out.

While I’m assembling….

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I decided to pull out another UFO. These tumblers were a “kit” I cut last spring when I thought we’d be moving but we didn’t and they sat in a baggie all year. I tossed them up on the design wall and got all the rows sewn together … Now I’m going to take a break!


I know it’s busy but I love using my tumbler die to make these I Spy type quilts. I still have a great selection of novelty fabrics thanks to a box of fabric my friend Cecile sent a couple years ago. They’ve been showing up in my donation quilts ever since!