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I Spy Tumblers

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The top is done! This makes the 2nd UFO that I’ve gotten to the finished top stage this month which means I’m going to allow myself to start a new quilt … I just have to decide what I want to make. I’ve got several on my website and a couple in the design journal that I want to piece this year so it will be one of them.

I’ve realized that I’ve been bad about keeping up with backings for these finished tops so I need to start piecing one per week until I’m caught up. It’s so much easier when I can pull a top and backing from the closet downstairs and load them on the longarm. This top will wait awhile for quilting but will be a donation quilt when it’s finished.

It feels good to be working

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After a trip I always have so much catching up to do but I’m also eager to get back to work. So a little piecing this morning and this afternoon, I loaded and quilted this group HeartStrings top — blocks were sent to Sue and the top assembled either by her or her mother and passed along for me to quilt and bind.

Quilted with my freehand Baptist Fans (check the How To tab at the top of the blog if interested in how I do these freehand).

A view of the back — if you decide to try these — don’t worry that they’re a bit wonky. On a string or scrappy quilt it won’t be noticeable or if it is, it just adds to the charm.

60 Pieced Quilt Borders

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It was a thrill to come home and find a new quilt book waiting!

While I rarely make a quilt according to a published pattern, I love books that inspire my own creative efforts. Judy’s new book is perfect for me. I can flip through and get ideas for borders that I can then apply to my own quilts. While I use EQ to draft all my quilts – for those of you that don’t — Judy does most of  the math for you.

You can purchase the book directly from her like I did and she’ll even write a nice note inside!

Happy to be home

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There are some that wouldn’t have wanted to come home from a tropical island to Minnesota but we were ready. We feel very fortunate that we are able to travel and that we love coming home too.

From sand to snow…they’re not calling for much but it’s a nice welcome home.

My main goal between now and the next trip is to quilt 4 HeartStrings tops but the best view in the house for watching the snow fall is my sewing room. This time of year I’m so happy I moved my machine in front of the window.

So a little progress was made on the assembly of this “I Spy” tumbler UFO of mine seen here on my design wall. I expect that this top will be done before I leave for San Francisco too.

I just love how cute these novelties are cut into tumblers.

URL to PDF generator

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It’s not an app but I thought I’d share this find with you. I occasionally come across a blog post or a website that I want to save to refer back to. I can do this with an offline reader on the iPad but for knitting, quilting or crafting projects, I like to stick a PDF file in iBooks.

I found a free URL to PDF generator online when I was looking for a way to save this little crochet blanket.

The PDF format was perfect because I wanted to make sure I save the link to the random stripe generator along with the blog post.

In iBooks I sort my PDF’s by category. I have one for knitting, one for Genealogy, one for quilting, etc.