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Quilts of Valor

I receive this email and thought I’d pass along the information in case any of my readers are able to help.

I know you support Quilts of Valor and I wanted to point out to you that they have a special group request for a squadron coming home to Ft. Riley (Kansas) after a tour with many injuries and losses in Afghanistan. They are trying to get close to 400 quilts. Further information including contact information can be found here: I wondered whether your group has any quilts they could contribute? I just mailed 8 myself but they are still 200 short. Thank you! Regards, Almut

Our plan for today

Absolutely nothing but relaxing and reading!


I’m already on my 3rd book of the trip but I have to confess something. Just before we left I bought a new Kindle Touch. I read a lot on my iPad but when outside, I need the no glare screen of the Kindle. (Yes I already had one but I wanted the Touch). One thing I’ve noticed is that I get through my books much faster on the Kindle because I’m not as tempted to stop reading to check email or a blog or get sidetracked looking something up.


Reading outside watching the sunset this evening….

This morning…I was walking outside as a cruise ship floated by.


A stopover in Atlanta

On our way to St. Thomas allowed us to see the kids.


How do you feel?

I just hate to see this … An old quilt cut up and offered in pieces on EBay.


I understand that quilts get worn and I’ve seen some really cute little hearts or dogs made from quilt fragments but I just hate to see quilts cut up and offered for sale in pieces. This one …about 20 inches square for $25.

Playing with video

I’m playing with the new camera today — checking out the video setting. Obviously I was creating some noise while shooting, but the 2nd one was a little better. Now lets see if I can figure out how to embed the video here.


And here’s the 2nd one. Its funny but I think he’s kind of afraid of this toy for some reason I can’t figure out.

You asked for it

As requested, I added a list of favorite apps to the blog. This link will take you there but look at the tabs at the top of the page and you can refer back to the list at anytime.

The quilt was a hit

My niece snapped a photo of Savannah playing peekaboo with her new quilt. I love that these are so quick and easy to make. To make your own Quick Strippie go to my website and look for the Quick Strippie on the left sidebar.


While I’m assembling….

I decided to pull out another UFO. These tumblers were a “kit” I cut last spring when I thought we’d be moving but we didn’t and they sat in a baggie all year. I tossed them up on the design wall and got all the rows sewn together … Now I’m going to take a break!


I know it’s busy but I love using my tumbler die to make these I Spy type quilts. I still have a great selection of novelty fabrics thanks to a box of fabric my friend Cecile sent a couple years ago. They’ve been showing up in my donation quilts ever since!

Roman Stripes

The top is done…I debated borders but I don’t have enough of the black print to work with and it’s a good size for a donation quilt so I’m going to call the top done and move on.


You can see another version of this on my website.

Counting the hours!

I can’t wait until we head to St. Thomas! Just a couple days now and we’ll spend a night in Atlanta on the way to see the kids!


Sara’s HeartStrings

These can be such fun to quilt — either a cute motif or just something with texture — I always encourage people to give it a try. The HeartStrings quilts are busy enough that mistakes won’t show so it’s OK to practice!

I quilted butterflies and loops from the Pajama Quilter DVD on this one pieced by Sara. And just for the record, Dawn has more complicated butterflies on the DVD but I go for the simple ones!

See – nice texture and then when you get closer — butterflies! And yes, I’m showing you the back here so it’s easier to see my butterflies.

I’ve just got one more top that I want to get quilted before my next trip — definitely on track for hitting my goals this month.

My pace has slowed

A day and a half without accomplishing much more than setting up the design wall and arranging my blocks but I will get a top loaded and quilted tonight.


It’s finally turned colder here after some record highs earlier in the week so Chesty wore his new hoodie! Cute isn’t he?


On my floor

I finished up the Roman Stripes blocks and since my design wall is still down, I laid some of the blocks on the floor. I’m feeling kind of so-so about this quilt so far. My goal was to use up some leftover strips from another quilt and I did use most of them. We’ll see if I like this one any better as I start assembling the top.


TAST week 2 – buttonhole/blanket stitch

I’m beginning to wonder if my Dresden Plate blocks are going to be a viable project for this challenge — this week’s stitch was the buttonhole stitch, also know as the blanket stitch.

Used here in the center around the circle appliqué.


And since it looked so plain, I went back and added some French knots.


UFO #5 is done

For once I’m done early — bound and labeled last night, my Green/Purple Rail Fence is finished and once it’s washed, will be ready for donation.


Wonky Stars

I decided to toss UFO #5 on the longarm and get the quilting done – after all there’s no need to wait until the last minute every month!

First some quick drawing practice of the Pajama Quilter’s Wonky Stars in Space in Adobe Idea’s

And then I got the top loaded and quilted — luckily it’s a small one so it went quickly. While my spacing could be better, I’m not unhappy with this. It adds another layer of cute to this little donation quilt. It was very hard to capture a photo tonight — a disadvantage of working at night but you get the idea.

A little piecing

While not on my list of 12 UFO’s to finish in 2012, I do hope to get those in pieces at least to the finished top stage this year so I pulled out this “leftover” quilt. I had strips left from another quilt pieced last year and had started some Roman Stripes blocks.

This is where I’m heading — just 35 blocks set 5×7 and depending on the fabric I have left it might or might not get a border.

My black fabric has a really cute confetti print. It’s been in my stash for quite a while so I’m happy to be using it.



I decided I was going to make the chicken salad tonight because I know I’ll be napping tomorrow afternoon.

I didn’t realize that someone would smell it and go nuts … poor Keith, coming downstairs with the dog at 3 AM without any idea why he wouldn’t settle down. Chicken just happens to be one of only two people foods he’s allowed.

So now it’s 4 am and I’m going to head upstairs and read a while — Keith however is awake and downstairs. Hopefully he’ll nap a little before we head out for breakfast in a few hours.


This one pieced by Tish – like the one from yesterday it was from our last HeartStrings project using black centers with bright strings. It has some fun fabrics so I decided it needed a fun pantograph.

One of my favorites from Lorien Quilting called Bubbles.

And would you look at this bin of batting leftovers? I’ve used up all the pieced battings I had here but this will have to wait — I won’t get to it this month.

I have one more task to do before I get to relax and read….