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TAST – Chain

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I’m working on binding the pineapple but also took some time to make a quick little strippie to practice stitching some words. Since last week’s stitch was a chain stitch I decided I’d start with that. Then I decided I’d stitch the lines in the narrow strip…. Still working on this and may interlace another stitch in the chain … we’ll see. I still need to do this week’s stitch too.



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I think many of us have family or loved ones that have been touched by Alzheimer’s or dementia – my family has and in the past I’ve supported the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative with a couple purchases but I’ve never made a quilt to donate.

Having received a comment from Michele on one of my postcards and seeing the AAQI exhibit at the Mid Atlantic Quilt show, I’ve been thinking about doing a small quilt for them … Right now it’s just a drawing and I don’t know if I can actually execute it and donate it but I drew out an idea today. I’m going to try to use my interest in embroidery and fused appliqué that you’ve seen in my postcards in a larger piece the size of a Priority Quilt.

EDIT: OOPS, no spell check in my drawing program – I will hopefully spell STRENGTH right in the actual piece!!


Before starting … I need need to catch up a bit. Some quilts to be bound, piecing to finish up, and it’s time to get our tax stuff together for the accountant. UGH!


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I’m going through withdrawal — I brought my suitcase in, gave Chesty a quick cuddle, and went straight to the sewing machine.

More blocks for our HeartStrings project. Just perfect for today when I want to sew but am tired from traveling.


Quilt Show

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Art Quilts really aren’t my thing and the Mid Atlantic show is very Art Quilt-y in my opinion but I saw a handful of quilts I liked today, bought a couple books and some fat quarters, and had a nice time with family.

I think my favorites were two wool crazy quilts. It was funny, I liked the blocks better on one and the border on the other but they were both great.

Do you take classes?

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I’m a self taught quilter and haven’t taken classes except for the occasional longarm class. At quilt shows, I like to browse the quilts and shop rather than spend time in classrooms. This year I’m going to two quilt shows, the Mid Atlantic Quilt show this week ( we’ll go Thursday and I might go back on Friday) and MQS, a longarm show. No classes but I’m sure I’ll find/learn some new and interesting things just from attending.

I was browsing online this morning while I was waiting for my flight and came across classes held on Madeline Island … That seems like a neat place to attend a class although it’s pricy.

I’ve also seen a lot of a new website lately called Craftsy which looks interesting with a variety of classes that include knitting, crochet, and quilting. Video classes and projects as well as a marketplace where people can sell their patterns.

I don’t know if I’ll ever take a class but lately I have a strange fascination with Amigurumi so I’ve been looking at their projects.

TAST – week ?

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I’m a little lost both without having a single project to embroider as I’d wanted and a little late stitching this week but I’m continuing on. This was done Thursday not Tuesday and I haven’t finished the edges yet but I did stitch detached chain stitches this week.

So how do you like my Apple Tree? I’ve got a drawer full of felt to use up …. That’s a lot of postcards.