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TAST – Chain

I’m working on binding the pineapple but also took some time to make a quick little strippie to practice stitching some words. Since last week’s stitch was a chain stitch I decided I’d start with that. Then I decided I’d stitch the lines in the narrow strip…. Still working on this and may interlace another stitch in the chain … we’ll see. I still need to do this week’s stitch too.


Trimmed but not bound

I’m going to be a couple days late finishing up February’s UFO but with 3 trips this month I’m just happy to have it ready to bind.

The backing was too short so I inserted a row of leftover strips from my string bins – it goes well with the scrappy strips used in the Pineapple blocks. Don’t you love the texture from the quilting??



I think many of us have family or loved ones that have been touched by Alzheimer’s or dementia – my family has and in the past I’ve supported the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative with a couple purchases but I’ve never made a quilt to donate.

Having received a comment from Michele on one of my postcards and seeing the AAQI exhibit at the Mid Atlantic Quilt show, I’ve been thinking about doing a small quilt for them … Right now it’s just a drawing and I don’t know if I can actually execute it and donate it but I drew out an idea today. I’m going to try to use my interest in embroidery and fused appliqué that you’ve seen in my postcards in a larger piece the size of a Priority Quilt.

EDIT: OOPS, no spell check in my drawing program – I will hopefully spell STRENGTH right in the actual piece!!


Before starting … I need need to catch up a bit. Some quilts to be bound, piecing to finish up, and it’s time to get our tax stuff together for the accountant. UGH!


I’m going through withdrawal — I brought my suitcase in, gave Chesty a quick cuddle, and went straight to the sewing machine.

More blocks for our HeartStrings project. Just perfect for today when I want to sew but am tired from traveling.


Quilt Show

Art Quilts really aren’t my thing and the Mid Atlantic show is very Art Quilt-y in my opinion but I saw a handful of quilts I liked today, bought a couple books and some fat quarters, and had a nice time with family.

I think my favorites were two wool crazy quilts. It was funny, I liked the blocks better on one and the border on the other but they were both great.

I hate politics – but this was interesting

My typical response is to wait until the candidates are chosen, do some research, and then choose the candidate I think is the least harmful/obnoxious. (Seriously, I hate all the lies, debates, negativity)

I did think this was interesting, a candidate match questionnaire from USA Today.

Do you take classes?

I’m a self taught quilter and haven’t taken classes except for the occasional longarm class. At quilt shows, I like to browse the quilts and shop rather than spend time in classrooms. This year I’m going to two quilt shows, the Mid Atlantic Quilt show this week ( we’ll go Thursday and I might go back on Friday) and MQS, a longarm show. No classes but I’m sure I’ll find/learn some new and interesting things just from attending.

I was browsing online this morning while I was waiting for my flight and came across classes held on Madeline Island … That seems like a neat place to attend a class although it’s pricy.

I’ve also seen a lot of a new website lately called Craftsy which looks interesting with a variety of classes that include knitting, crochet, and quilting. Video classes and projects as well as a marketplace where people can sell their patterns.

I don’t know if I’ll ever take a class but lately I have a strange fascination with Amigurumi so I’ve been looking at their projects.

Not a single stitch

I don’t why I thought I’d have time to sew a little between these trips. We got home tonight with just enough time for me to unpack, do laundry, cuddle a bit with Chesty, and repack. I head out again at 6:30AM but luckily for Chesty, Keith will be home with him this time.


Just me, a good book, and the sun

Keith’s off doing family stuff this afternoon and evening. I love having some alone time!


TAST – week ?

I’m a little lost both without having a single project to embroider as I’d wanted and a little late stitching this week but I’m continuing on. This was done Thursday not Tuesday and I haven’t finished the edges yet but I did stitch detached chain stitches this week.

So how do you like my Apple Tree? I’ve got a drawer full of felt to use up …. That’s a lot of postcards.


We might get a shower

But it’s ok because it’s warm with tropical breezes and we’re about to have a lovely lunch.


What quilter’s work do you admire?

Is there a quilter’s work that you just love? I can say I’ve never seen a show quilt from Janet Foggthat I didn’t think was wonderful and creative. I saw one of her latest ones today in the IMQA magazine On Track and I love it. (The photo of the magazine below does not do it justice click on the link above to go to her website and see it and others)

The Pineapple top is quilted

I still need to do the binding but I love how the quilting turned out.

I’m happy with the look of the quilting close – up and the texture created across the entire quilt. If you didn’t see it in my last post, the pantograph is Feathered Leaf from Willow Leaf Studio. They have a larger version but I have limited throat space so mine is the smaller size.


I’ve made a start

I was going to wait until I was done to share my reasoning behind choosing the panto I did but this is slow going so I’ll share a few photos now.

While I love the curvy lines of Halcyon, larger motifs are not as suited for allover quilting on quilts that have strong light and dark areas as pantographs with smaller motifs — in my opinion!

What you end up seeing is just a line going from dark to light without really seeing the design at all — it ends up looking like a bunch of disjointed lines to me. Again, just my opinion.

With a smaller motif, while the design still travels randomly from light to dark — you still end up seeing the shapes you are quilting rather than just a series of lines. Take a look at what I mean – these photos should enlarge when you click them if you want a closer look.

The one choice I am questioning a bit is my thread choice — 70% of the time I use either a dark tan or a light brown thread for scrap quilts — in this case because the bulk of this quilt is so dark I chose the brown thinking the lighter thread would be too distracting — I won’t know for sure if I made the right decision until I’m done and can look at the quilt as a whole.

The pantograph is Feathered Leaf by Willow Leaf Studio

Another finish

Working my way through the binding created by meeting last month’s goal to quilt all of the remaining donation tops. There are 4 left to bind but I’m getting ready to travel again so probably won’t finish another one until I get back from VA at the end of the month.

Here’s another one pieced by Tish — I have really enjoyed these quilts from our last HeartStrings project and am looking forward to seeing what our current project generates.


Interesting choice on the panto

I have a different theory than most of the commenters about the busy-ness of the panto and the pineapple top but I do agree the curvy-ness of the 2nd pantograph – Halcyon – would suit the blocks well, which is why it’s one of two that I’m trying to choose from.

I’m getting ready to start so you’ll have to wait a bit to see which one I chose….and we’ll have to see if I made the right choice when the quilt is done.

February’s UFO is loaded

I might even get it quilted before we leave again but we’ll see….

It’s a busy pineapple scrap quilt so I’m planning on a pantograph — the question is do I do an easy one, or put a little more effort into it? I think I’ve made my choice — how about you? Which one would you choose?


More HeartStrings

It’s a good thing you tell me you like seeing these … One more finished tonight. This one pieced by Tish and made with homespuns and a black center string. One of my favorite combinations.


Monday’s sew-along

Mondays are for my current HeartStrings project — so I pulled my border, sorted some strings, cut foundations and started piecing a new set of blocks.

Here are a couple of blocks with my border fabric. I’ll just need 24 of these for a child size quilt and I’ve got 8 done.

Now I’m going to get some binding done – hopefully!


Some progress from last week

But not that much …. First I’m sewing the blocks into groups of four — I always avoid sewing long rows of blocks when I can.