I hate politics – but this was interesting

My typical response is to wait until the candidates are chosen, do some research, and then choose the candidate I think is the least harmful/obnoxious. (Seriously, I hate all the lies, debates, negativity)

I did think this was interesting, a candidate match questionnaire from USA Today.

11 Responses to “I hate politics – but this was interesting”

  • You are right. . . . .very, very interesting.

  • Deb:

    confirmed what I thought – but I also learned quite a bit. Thanks

  • Debbie:

    Yes, very interesting…

  • Pat C in Washington:

    My #1 was not surprising, but my #2 and #3 were very surprising! That was fun!

  • Victoria Carroll-Parkhill:

    I have come to enjoy the debates to learn how candidates have different approaches to the challenges facing our nation. Thank you for providing the little quiz for fun!

  • Beverley:

    Apparently I should vote for the present President. It was interesting as British politics differs greatly from American.

  • Flatlander:

    Like you I get tired of campaigns that seem to last forever and the huge $$ spent. It was a VERY interest result (I surprised myself) and also confirmed my belief that we should follow other country’s examples and limit the time/$$ spent campaigning … why can’t it be done in 3 or 4 months given the access to media resources, etc. OK … jumping off my soapbox…. 😉

  • Carole in NB CAN:

    Very interesting. We do federal elections in six weeks (3 months from when the media starts speculating).

  • Yes, its usually a “pick the least sleazy” vote.

  • I used to get really into politics but am with you, I hate all the negativity and truly, at this point, I’m just worn out from it all. Took the quiz, I never would have guessed any of them! 🙂

  • Thanks for posting this site. It was fun seeing who shared my ideas.

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