Quilt Show

Art Quilts really aren’t my thing and the Mid Atlantic show is very Art Quilt-y in my opinion but I saw a handful of quilts I liked today, bought a couple books and some fat quarters, and had a nice time with family.

I think my favorites were two wool crazy quilts. It was funny, I liked the blocks better on one and the border on the other but they were both great.

9 thoughts on “Quilt Show

  1. Helen

    I wondered if I would see you at the show yesterday, but I didn’t. I joked with some friends about what I would do if I did see you – I didn’t want to seem like a stalker.
    The show is more and more defined by the art quilts, so much so that the pieced quilts seem to be pushed to the back. I only noticed two hand quilted quilts.

  2. Flatlander

    I’m not a big “art quilt” fan but there is a place for everything. My favorites in a quilt show are the pieced quilts and anything appliqued or hand-quilted. My favorite show of the year is coming up soon. I make a day of it because it’s near my birthday. Breakfast out, the show, vendor shopping, lunch with friends and then my annual stop at a quilt store that is some distance away but which is near the quilt show. Always a good time when quilts are involved!

  3. Nancy

    I don’t care for “art” quilts either, but I think the ones who make them are very talented. I prefer “traditional” quilts.

  4. Kathie L in MD

    Glad you had a good time, I would have loved to have gone as two members of our local quilt guild had quilts in the show.

  5. Lynn W

    My friend and I were there too. They definitely had more art quilts than I’ve seen at any quilt show before. Plus everything seemed to be embellished with crystals! I did buy more than I was planning and I guess I won’t need to go to Lancaster this year….
    That would have been cool to meet you there. I share your blog with my friend because she is a long arm quilter that loves pantographs too! We’ve used some of the ones you posted on our recent quilts.
    Enjoy your visit!

  6. JudyCnNC

    I feel that the art quilt movement is being pushed at us from every angle. I do not make them and breeze through the shows that promote them. I choose to spend my time looking at workmanship, seeing quilts that are the masterpieces made by people who put their mark on them – uniquely their own. Give me a hand quilted gem with no sparkles, beads or cardboard quilting and I will spend all day wondering about it. I have stopped jumping on the bandwagon of making the BOM mast production quilts – they just all look the same to me anymore and I would much rather take the pattern, quirk it and make a pillow or lap quilt. I love the Hampton show and spend more time visiting the vendors than looking at the show. The quilts in the booths are much more appealing. IMHO Judy c

  7. Beverley

    The same arguement is batted around here too. Art versus traditional quilts. At the large quilt shows I asked about more traditional quilts, but they said they could only hang what was entered. I have to admit that I hadn’t entered a quilt at all and so couldn’t criticize.
    Bev in Britain.

  8. Valerie

    I’m not much into art quilts either…although I love nontraditional versions of traditional quilts. Glad you had a good time, and also nice to hear I’m not the only one who feels this way! 😉

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