I’m going through withdrawal — I brought my suitcase in, gave Chesty a quick cuddle, and went straight to the sewing machine.

More blocks for our HeartStrings project. Just perfect for today when I want to sew but am tired from traveling.


6 Responses to “Home!”

  • Beth:

    Welcome home!!! I posted a picture of my very first HeartString blocks. It is a great go to project when I don’t want to think to much.

  • At least it’s an addiction that blesses others. You do such good work!

  • Ann:

    Welcome Home! I bet you are as excited as my students at school for the upcoming snow storm. Sounds like its going to be a fun couple of days. Snows this time of the year are nice in the fact that we know spring is right around the corner. Stay warm and enjoy the snow. Hoping for a delayed start to the school day on Wednesday, which will give me some extra sewing time.

  • Hope you had a fun trip! We really enjoyed the show this year and I didn’t spend too much money either.

  • Welcome home.

    I know the feeling! I has unable to sew for about 2 weeks because of the cold and snow. So as soon as everything warmed up I was back at it as soon as I could!

  • Flatlander:

    I get very “testy” when I’m kept away from my machine and fabric fondling for too long. Even an hour with my sewing is enough to put my usual friendly personality back on track…..

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