I think many of us have family or loved ones that have been touched by Alzheimer’s or dementia – my family has and in the past I’ve supported the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative with a couple purchases but I’ve never made a quilt to donate.

Having received a comment from Michele on one of my postcards and seeing the AAQI exhibit at the Mid Atlantic Quilt show, I’ve been thinking about doing a small quilt for them … Right now it’s just a drawing and I don’t know if I can actually execute it and donate it but I drew out an idea today. I’m going to try to use my interest in embroidery and fused appliqué that you’ve seen in my postcards in a larger piece the size of a Priority Quilt.

EDIT: OOPS, no spell check in my drawing program – I will hopefully spell STRENGTH right in the actual piece!!


Before starting … I need need to catch up a bit. Some quilts to be bound, piecing to finish up, and it’s time to get our tax stuff together for the accountant. UGH!

7 thoughts on “AAQI

  1. Cyndi Holguin

    That is so wonderful that you are going to do that. John has Dementia got it from all the meds he was taking when he lost his Kidneys and was on Dialysis. Now with the Kidney transplant he still has it they say it will never go away. I have been making quilts for the transplant Unit in NM. They either have a drawing or if they see a patient or caregiver that could really use a hug they give them one of the quilts I make. I is really rewarding.

  2. Michele Bilyeu

    Oh, Mary! I am just absolutely delighted you are taking my suggestion to heart! You will be such a wonderful addition to our AAQI group of quilters! Click on all of the different example links from quilts in the past as well as current ones for sale and you will see their is room for the most amazing variety of styles. Every thing sells because some one loves everything someone makes! And I just know others will love yours!!!

  3. Beth Hartford

    Thank you so much for sharing information about the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative! I lost my Dad to Alzheimer’s in December of 2010 and have been committed to raising money for research through AAQI since he was diagnosed in 2006. I am a quilter and I love that the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative is a grass roots organization that is totally staffed by volunteers so that every available dollar can be used to fund research. I love your little quilt idea and am thrilled that you were touched by the exhibit. Please finish it – it will be a hit!

  4. Judy

    Mary – so good that you will help AAQI! Did you know that postcards meet their guidelines? So if that’s the size you prefer to make, why don’t you contribute one/some of them? I’ve been a contributer for a long time; my mother had Alzheimer’s it’s a sad and hateful disease.
    I’ll be looking for your quilt.

  5. nikki

    You have inspired me. My dad had dementia. I make veteran’s quilts in his memory. This would be a good way for me to expand my creativity…and small enough I could quilt in on my DSM. Yes, I got your message the other day about getting my mid arm moving! Love your design.

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