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I’ve been working on assembling the triangle top but as usual I’m dragging it out as much as possible. I let myself become sidetracked by a postcard this afternoon but I won’t change the thread and finish it off until I get more (or all) of this top assembled.


It reminds me of the trees in San Francisco – can you see the little bird in there?


More progress

Another finish tonight .. I stitched the binding down while we watch The Way – a movie with Martin Sheen that I really enjoyed.

This bright happy top was pieced by Cindy and quilted with the Seaweed pantograph.


Goals help me focus

However, I don’t always stick to them. In this case, I intended to spend the time at home this month binding but I’ve been more into piecing. I don’t always allow myself to go off task but since the HeartStrings quilts don’t need to be finished for donation until the end of March, I’m much more flexible with my goals.

I did finish the binding on Sarah’s top tonight and I’ve got one trimmed and ready for binding but the bulk of my day was spent in the sewing room. All the half square triangle blocks are finished and I pieced a back for my pineapple top.


Sara’s top was quilted with butterflies and loops from the Pajama Quilter DVD. Simple and quick and just perfect for this kiddie quilt.


I’m so tired!

I never make allowances for all the catch up that has to be done after a trip … I did get a binding on …not yet hand stitched down…I did a couple seams with this week’s stitch but I’m too lazy to go take a photo, I got Chesty to the groomers and a few triangle blocks made. I’ll leave you with photos of my two favorite guys…

Fresh from the beauty parlor.


And someone got his first haircut ….




On the floor and design wall

My half square triangles are still on the design wall but I’m making progress — I’m leaning toward a solid border with triangle cornerstones at this point but I could change my mind still.

I also finished up all my Strips and Strings Log Cabin blocks and even laid some out on the floor. They’ll have to wait until the other blocks are off the design wall to be assembled. I didn’t have room for all 48 blocks but they are all done as of tonight!

Monday’s sew along

HeartStrings is working on blocks each Monday so I’ve pulled out my strips and string bins to work on the log cabin blocks that I’m making for my first set of blocks.

Do you sort your strings by color??


I did when I first started making so many string quilts with HeartStrings but now I find I’m not able to keep up. I do however keep a separate bin for my backgrounds because the log cabin strips and strings are one of my favorite variations.



Just 12 days at home this month and as usual a lot on my “to do” list. I’m also volunteering at the library on Tuesdays and that cuts into my quilting time too. So my goals this month will be fairly simple.

Bind as many of the 7 HeartStrings quilts as I can
Quilt and bind my pineapple quilt (Feb’s UFO)
Work on my Log Cabin blocks for our HeartStrings project
Work on my half square triangle blocks

A picture perfect day



Words with Friends

A competitive game of Words waiting for the ferry to Saulsilito!


Beautiful weather


I love San Francisco!

Keith worked today so I did a bit of walking and a little shopping!

We’ve visited several times before but this was the first time I actually rode a cable car. I was smart and walked DOWN to the water and took the cable car back UP.


I wandered around the piers, did a tour of an old WWII submarine.




And believe it or not when I saw the little cable car charm I started a new bracelet. These aren’t Pandora but they are sterling silver. The brand is Chamilia which is surprisingly a Minneapolis company!


Time flies

Judy pulled #1 for February’s UFO challenge – that’s my Pineapple quilt. Started in March 2007, the top was finished in April 2007 … That’s FIVE years ago!

I had plans to make another Pineapple quilt for myself this year … Or at least piece the top. No border…just blocks but we’ll have to see how much I like this one when it’s done. If I love it I might keep this one for me.


My date is late

But I’m sitting here with a glass of wine, a cheese plate, and my book so I don’t mind waiting.



I arrived in San Francisco this afternoon and with just a few hours before Keith would be meeting me back at the hotel I decided to stay nearby. Luckily Grace Cathedral is just a few blocks from the hotel. A visit to light candles and say a few prayers, walking the outside labyrinth, and a peaceful stroll along some side streets and I’m ready to meet up with Keith for drinks and dinner.



I think these are cherry blossom trees surrounding the cathedral. How odd to see them blooming in February.