Emma’s top is quilted

While I was quilting this tonight I was reminded why I designed this little quilt almost 10 years ago — I had just gotten my longarm and after the first piece of muslin and a couple panels, I decided there had to be a better way for me to get some practice and still have something useful at the end. Donation quilting had always been a part of my quilting so I whipped up the first Quick Strippie and started using them for practice.

Tonight I quilted two designs from the Pajama Quilter DVD’s. The flowers are from the ReThreaded DVD and the butterflies from the ReLoaded DVD.

If you’ve bought Dawn’s DVD’s but haven’t tried to quilt anything — why not piece a quick strippie and just do it! And if you’ve not bought the DVD’s but want to learn how to freemotion quilt (on your longarm or domestic sewing machine) I highly recommend both DVD’s, Dawn is an excellent teacher.

6 thoughts on “Emma’s top is quilted

  1. SaraF

    Such a simple design, but depending on the fabrics it will look so different. Love these fabrics.

  2. Eileen Swanstrom

    Mary, you are a quilting machine!!! …and such an inspiration! I’d like to be a fly on the wall of your studio to watch you in action. Hmmm….I’ll be in MN in July. Wonder if I could pose as a fly. 😉
    Love both quilts you did today….fabric, colors, piecing, quilting, everything! Your niece is going to love that quilt!
    I’ll be trying your pattern soon, for charity and quilting practice. I think it will be perfect, as I have a Juki on a frame with only 9″ harp. I think the rows will be a great help in learning. I think I’ll order Dawn’s DVDs too. I’m scared, but anxious to learn!

  3. Cyndi Holguin

    It is wonderful your quilting is marvelous. thank you for sharing. You are an inspiration to many. I can’t wait to go shopping next weekend for my strippy quilt.

  4. marlene

    Love being able to view all your quilts-you are so productive. Emma’s quilt is so cute.
    I am one of those who purchased Dawn’s DVD’s (after reading about them here) but have not yet put them to use. A strippie is just the thing to put them into practice.

  5. Vivian

    This a perfect opportunity to thank you for your reviews of the Pajama Quilter DVDs. I had long wanted to get them and finally did earlier this year. Right after getting them I got to use one of the designs on — what else — a donation quilt! I’ve also used one on a mini quilt and found her designs opened my mind to new ideas about what to quilt on my quilts and variations on basic designs. So thanks again!

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