Emma’s Butterfly Strippie is bound and in the wash as I type this, I’ll mail it out tomorrow. How quick was that?

Hard to get a good photo at night but I’ve been on the “night shift” for several weeks and can’t seem to get back on a day schedule.


Here’s a closer look


And it gets one of my heart labels!

EDIT: I need to ban non-permanent pens from my sewing room! The label smudged when I washed the quilt (I did heat set the print). Luckily I was able to go back over it with a permanent pen and it’s readable if a little messy. Disappointing but not a complete disaster.


11 thoughts on “Finished

  1. Sheila Nichols

    Emma’s little pink and green butterfly Quick Strippie is wonderful! The quilting is perfect! (I love this little quilt pattern.)
    She is going to love it 😀
    Hope you can get some sleep tonight.

  2. QuiltSue

    Talk about quilting just finishes off the quilt. This is beautiful. The quilting is absolutely perfect for this little girl’s quilt.

  3. Susan

    I think of all your patterns, the strippie is my favorite! It’s quick to make and the rows make it fun to quilt! Love the butterflies on this one!

  4. Susan

    Oh Mary, this quilt is ADORABLE! I love the fabrics that you chose and the quilting is beautiful! What a lucky little girl Emma is to receive such a beautiful quilt.

  5. Nancy in CT

    Hi Mary, I also didn’t see any smudging…Looks really great! Are you using pigma pens? If not, what kind of pens are you using?

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