Monday is for HeartStrings

We’re in the middle of a 6 month project at HeartStrings and have virtual sew alongs each Monday. Since I’ve finished the other two tops I’ve started since we began in February, I got to start a new set of blocks today.

Inspired by an antique quilt, my blocks are big but after making a smaller block to test my measurements, most of my leftover strips and strings were too wide so I enlarged the block rather than trying to trim down a lot of strips.


11 Responses to “Monday is for HeartStrings”

  • Looks good. Great idea to make your materials work for you.

  • Char:

    I love those blocks. Looks like I have enough strings to make a string quilt a week for the rest of the year. Really, I’m not kidding.

  • Love this one, Mary. it is on my to do list, but I thought I would have to pick one color for the centers. I like how you have mixed them. You are always so creative.

  • Jill:

    That is a great idea! How big did you make the blocks?

  • Shari in AZ:

    Great block Mary! Almost like a spiderweb quilt Imade for my sister. She loved it and your niece will too,

  • Almost like making a spider web quilt (I just started one). I like how the secondary pattern of diamonds appear. Neat idea. How antique was the quilt that inspired you?

  • Susan:

    I really like this block too Mary! I agree with Becky, I like how you used different colors for the stars. It will make a beautiful quilt when it’s done.

  • debra:

    this looks like a fun one.

  • Susan Denton:

    Is this a new design that you’ve worked out? It sure makes a great looking block. Are there instructions somewhere? I like that the ‘stars’ are different colors, too. A new way to deal with strings…

  • I love your new string block design and it should go together quick. What size are your blocks?

  • Pat:

    I, too, like the secondary design this block makes. Nice block and great in the scrappy colors!

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