More stars

Seems like I’m apologizing for all my photos these days but that’s what I get for working at night I guess.

After running some errands this afternoon, I pulled more solids for the stars and worked a bit on them. I love how they’re looking but I’m beginning to wonder how in the world I’m going to quilt this one.


I shipped off my AAQI donation quilt today and have been thinking of a little landscape type quilt for practicing more embroidery and as I was pulling strings for the star blocks, I came across a couple batik strips from a quilt of Mom’s. She usually gives me her leftover strips and strings because she doesn’t use them.

So I decided to see if I could find any others in the bin …. Seriously, look at how many leftovers are in just this one bin … I have MORE bins scattered around the sewing room and think I could sew a couple years just using these strings and leftover strips.


I did find a handful of the batik strips but it wasn’t easy!



It’s kind of clunky but we’ll see if my embroidery can improve on it. If not, I will have gotten some practice and it’s a small piece that can be tossed.

2 thoughts on “More stars

  1. Julie Rose

    Mary–never apologize for pictures–I love them all. I think quilting your “stars” will be a challenge that you will crtainly step up to with style–as you always do…Julierose

  2. Beth in Dallas

    I love this with the solid centers! think I’ll have to try it myself – use some of my solids that I’ve been hanging on to and use up a bunch of scraps that I really! need to get rid of.
    It’s great!

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