Solid stars and strings

I played in EQ7 last night trying to decide if I’m going to add borders to the star quilt or go without. I still haven’t decided but these two are the options I’m considering right now.

I also posted the quilt details on the website if anyone is curious about how I’m making the blocks.

With 12 blocks and a border


With 20 blocks and no border


Either way it will be a larger quilt than my usual donation size but I won’t make any decisions until I have more blocks made and on the design wall. Right now, I’ve got 4 up there and love how it’s looking.

13 Responses to “Solid stars and strings”

  • I like it! May have to add it to my list of “quilts to make someday”…that list is already as long as my arm. 🙂

  • Kevin H:

    I love it both ways Mary. But, I am a border kind of guy. I really love the way you made that border scrappy. If you didn’t like the border after making it, you could always make another scrappy Chinese Coins quilt out of it?

  • Dee Winter:

    I admit, I’m a border person on this one. I think the other one looks like you just stopped, ran out of fabric or steam. I like the border, the read is awesome on it. How’s Chesty?

  • These quilts both look great. I like the quilt without the border. I dont know why….I just like it better. Thanks for sharing them!!!

  • Thank you for posting the instructions for this one. I’ve been eying it and wondering exactly how you did it. I definitely want to make one of these.

  • Flatlander (Linda):

    OK … I like the border you’ve made; I’ve always liked borders like that … BUT … I think I prefer it without the border as a final choice. Usually I’m a “border person” so I’ve confused even myself with this one! Nice quilt; I’m going to “stash” the instructions so that I can make when retired (which is coming up end of May!!!!). BTW … how is Chesty?? We adopted a shelter dog about 4 weeks ago and she is an absolute DOLL!! We are so blessed…..

  • I like how the solid narrow border gives my eyes a place to “rest” allowing the center to have more impact for me.

    Does EQ7 have a magic “scrappetizer” button? I can’t imagine how long it must have taken to paint with so many different fabrics!

  • Barbara:

    I really like your string stars! Borders or no borders it is great. I too am adding this to my list of To Dos, which gets longer everyday.

  • vera carr:

    I like the border on it,maybe you should keep this one. haha. I like scrap qulits the best and to me they are the hardest to make.

  • vera carr:

    I mean so the colors look good , not like a mess.

  • Tish:

    Mary, I like the one with the borders.
    Borders finish it off like a frame on picture.

  • Lisa:

    What a fun quilt! Looks like a kaleidoscope and I love all the colors 🙂

  • Sheila:

    I’m not a border person, but I really like the version with one. Your blocks are coming along so nicely.

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