Pinterest – one last post

I wanted to let everyone know that I contacted Pinterest and they immediately took down the pinned photos from my sites. I was very pleased with how quickly they responded.

Before I let this drop I want to be very clear that my objection was to the rights that Pinterest claimed to any photos pinned. I’m not a member and have no intention of becoming a member so they don’t need to have any rights to MY photos.

It was suggested to me during this process that anything I post online is fair game and that I shouldn’t blog if I want to be so restrictive.

I’ve spent the last several years sharing my quilting with the online community and spend a significant amount of time writing instructions and answering questions about my quilts from readers who wanted to make their own versions. I don’t think that I’m restrictive or exclusive in my quilting and I don’t think I should have to defend myself because I choose not to have photos pinned.

You are welcome to use any ideas I share here in your own quilting, you’re welcome to save photos to refer to but not to publish or pin them. If you see something you want to share somewhere, please do it via a link.

25 thoughts on “Pinterest – one last post

  1. Penny G

    I have quit using pinterest in deference to the many artists that are being hurt by it. They have no right to your photos and that is an issue no matter who gets offended.

  2. Clare

    I’m so pleased Pinterest have done that. You do not have to defend yourself. What’s yours is yours.

    Sitting here in France holding up a glass of red to you. Cheers!

  3. Janie

    I have read your blog for a long time and very much enjoy it. I appreciate all you have shared. I agree with everything you stated. I did sign up for Pinterest to see what it is all about and what I have found is that it is a big waste of time… just advertising space for a lot of people. Keep up what you are doing! I generally feel uncomfortable leaving comments but so appreciated what you said.

  4. Patricia

    I am so glad your concerns were addressed. I never really understood how to use Pinterest nor how it was important to me since many of the quilts I saw were either available through the blogs I follow, or in books I owned already. It is hard enough for me to keep up with my small world without adding yet something else. At any point, after reading all the posts I am glad I didn’t get that involved—although I did see one interesting quilt. Is it okay for me to copy it I wonder? I did redraw it in Electric Quilt and change it a bit, but clearly it began with looking at the site. I need to “noodle” this a bit. Anyway, thanks for the information!

  5. Anya

    I truly don’t understand people who see no problem with publishing other people’s photos or instructions, etc without using a link back to the originator. They need a lesson on blogging etiquette. You are not being restrictive or exclusive at all, Mary. You have been very generous with your ideas and patterns, so there is no need to defend yourself. Thanks to you, I’ve made a few quick strippie quilts that are loved by their owners.

  6. Mary L

    I believe I read somewhere on Pinterest that there is something you can put on your blog that prevents people from being able to pin images from it.

  7. Alycia

    I have to say I didn’t think much about it until you brought it up, but I am not a member of it, and was glad to see your concerns addressed. I think that you are very generous with all that you do, and the site that you maintain with your patterns. So thank you!! Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Peggy

    I don’t get Pinterest, so much time waited. Thanks for sharing what you do and with all of us that need our “quilt fix” each day.

  9. debra

    You? Restrictive? That’s funny 😉 I have a version of one of your lovely quilts on my wall now. My mother is going to love it! Thanks for all you share, Mary.

  10. Mary Jo

    Mary, Thanks so much for your blog! It is a shame that the world has lost all sense of politeness and kindness toward one another. So many people seem to think that it is okay to do whatever they want reguardless of the effect on someone else. What happened to kindness, courtsey and above all morals!?!

  11. Elaine/MuddlingThrough

    Mary, I think you are extremely generous. I appreciate all your hard work putting those instructions up and sharing with us all. I’ve used many of your patterns and I thank you. They are your designs and you have a right to do as you please with them. End of story. 😉

  12. Carmen Wyant

    I think you are well within your rights here. I do pin stuff, mostly for my own reference so that I can find it again. Anything of yours is available right on your blog, which I read on a regular basis, so no need to pin it to be able to find it. I find their terms of use very interesting since I am very sure that they wouldn’t hold up in court. How can they claim rights to a pinned photo if the person pinning it doesn’t hold the rights to it in the first place? I did notice that they have changed their terms too.

  13. Jeane

    You are a very generous and sharing person in providing so much information for us artists on your site. Thank you. I am not part of Pinterest and now don’t ever want to be. I am so happy for you that your problems were resolved.

  14. Barb in MI/FL

    Mary, I love our patterns and your easy-to-follow instructions. Good for you, not wanting your patterns posted on Pinterest.

  15. Lori Bittner

    I waste enough time on Facebook, so I never got into Pinterest. Doesn’t seem to be a matter of debate though, your images are your’s! Spreading people’s photos around without acknowledgement…and at times without their knowledge is just not good. I don’t get how that’s even defensible!!! But anyway, I’m glad you’ve resolved it.
    Lori in VA

  16. Kay L Ford-Sollimo

    No apologies necessary for how you feel. We all know that you’ve been more than generous with sharing your designs and knowledge. Applause from here in NJ.

  17. Ceil

    I’ve looked at Pinterest and it didn’t appeal to me. Thought I’d give it another look as I must be missing something since it’s so popular (or so they say). Won’t bother with it now. You seem very generous and they have no right to your photos so I’m glad they took them down.

  18. Flatlander (Linda)

    I joined Pininterest because it seemed like “the thing to do” at the time. I posted a couple of things but found the site to be not user friendly and asked myself … WHY are you doing this?? You could be spending the time in front of your sewing machine instead of a computer. I read a few blogs (yours is always a regular stop) and learn some interesting things from other readers as well as the bloggers. My goal is to spend LESS time in front of the computer screen and more time in front of my machine and fabric. I am closing up my Pininterest account.

  19. Mtnquiltr

    I’m another quilter who is grateful to you for your generous pattern sharing, and I agree that the rights to your photos should certainly remain yours.I’m glad you have made a stand.I use Pinterest as a filing system so that I can find tutorials and colour combinations with an image rather than a bookmark. Probably there is another way I can save things that catch my eye. My son tells me that he blogs poetry through WordPress and not Blogger, because Blogger retains the rights to your work. I can’t vouch for how true this is, but use of the Internet seems rife with copyright issues.

  20. Heather

    Hi all,
    It’s interesting how we all view things differently. I completely respect your views, Mary, and of course you have the right to do whatever you think is best for you! 🙂

    Me, on the other hand, I am THRILLED every time someone pins one of my quilt designs! It’s one more person seeing my designs and helping me to keep my pattern company in business.

    I have got quite a bit of business from pinterest and I keep track of people pinning me all the time crossing my fingers that the number will keep going up.

    I guess it all just depends on perspective. As long as my photos are out there in “blogland” people will “pin them”, copy them, repost them, etc. It’s just not possible to control this. I just make sure I water mark whatever I can and look at it as free promotion!

    But, of course, to each his own. No judgement is intended!!

    I love your blog, Mary and wish you the best of luck!!


  21. Susie Tunk

    I am one of the many people to whom you have spent time answering questions! I love your blog, your patterns, your quilting, and your attitude to life! You are generous, funny, and outspoken! Bravo for stating what you think and want. Pinterest? *shrug* Never been, never will. I’d rather be quilting! 🙂

    Susie in CO.

  22. Nancy in CT

    I, like Heather, has found a use for Pinterest. I didn’t think I would, as I saw it as a bulletin board system for ideas in decorating, recipes (although there are many recipe sites around), but I find I don’t pin quilting items (I have a pin of someone’s herringbone patternon wood that I’d like to incorporate into a quilt (color-wise), but I have ways to see quilting blogs beyond this site.

    What I have found it fascinating for, is DIY projects, ideas for gardening/landscaping, and making homemade cleaning products. Some of the ideas are ingenious! AND save lots of money. When I pin anything, I always go to the original site to pin from, so anyone seeing my pins, knows where it came from and is referred back there for any details. This way, if they have any questions, they can contact the original sites owner.

    I’m glad they are attentive to any objections. I have posted some of my photos, but always note the photo is by Nancy Eaton, not just “uploaded by user”. I never post anything I don’t mind being ‘shared”. You are very generous with your patterns and photos, Mary. It really is up to us all where we want our images to go. Good for you for speaking up.

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