The House on the Hill

Another small quilt for AAQI done. I’m never sure when I start these if they will be good enough to send but this one turned out better than I expected so off it will go with the Tranquil Landscape.


6 thoughts on “The House on the Hill

  1. judy

    Mary – this is lovely. Bet it gets chosen to be auctioned!
    Mine almost all go to the Quilts For Sale pile, but I did have ONE auctioned – the BlueBird of Happiness.
    AAQI is such a great organization!

  2. Loretta

    Please stop selling youself short. Your work is wonderful!! I saw about 50 AAQI quilts at our guild meeting tonight (challenge), and yours would have been right up there with the ribbon winners.
    We hope to hang 400 at the Gulf States Quilt Show in Slidell, LA, in 2 weeks. Wish you could be there.

  3. Pat

    I love it, Mary! I agree that it will go up for auction cuz it is such a happy little quilt! I would bid on it!!

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