Simple quilts

I’ve mentioned before that I love simple scrap quilts. Another eBay quilt inspired this RWB Hourglass – of course I’ll make it scrappy when I eventually get around to it.


And in case you’re wondering why I’m spending so much time looking at quilts on eBay, Chesty’s allergies are giving him a fit and I’m having to spend time sitting with him to keep him from scratching himself to death. At least the cone stops the biting.


10 thoughts on “Simple quilts

  1. Sara F

    Poor Chesty! I know how he feels.

    I think this design will be perfect done in scrappy mode. I’ve used this little block in the past to use up scraps and have started collecting some leftover half square triangles again.

  2. Julie Rose

    Ohhh, poor baby–I can commiserate with those allergies–they are bad this year. We are calling it the “Year of Allegra” :-((

    Good tip to look for patterns…thanks Mary

  3. swooze

    Poor Chesty. What do you feed him? We changed our food to a non-corn based product and were amazed at how much better our dog acted/felt.

  4. Dee Dee

    We give our dog Benadryl once a day and it really helps. Also small dogs, we have Havanese, can be allergic to chicken. Chesty looks so sad with that cone on.

  5. Brenda in Namibia

    I’m sure Chesty feels much better when he gets to sit on such a lovely quilt! 🙂

  6. debra

    oh no, not the cone of shame. Poor Chesty. He still looks cute sitting on that lovely quilt.

  7. Lori Bittner

    Aw, poor little Chesty!!! Spring can be a pita! You’re a good Mom to spend the time with him to keep him distracted from his misery!!

    Lori in VA

  8. Connie

    That would make a wonderful scrappy quilt! Poor Chesty, can you give him medicine for it? I know I had to go out and buy a new bottle of Allegra for myself.

  9. Joyce

    Hey I was just at my vets today, I was told to give the dog over the counter Benedryl and also adult aspirin, they said other vets will so no, but this vet has been in business over 40 years and is so honest, plus he said buy the Benedryl from him, its cheaper. If your dog is losing hair this is allergies too. My dog had a huge slash in his side and had to be stitched up, my vet will tell you honestly if a dog or cat needs to be put to sleep. He’s not about money. He does have some people no matter what they want them saved. He said sometimes you just can’t. Also was today that those crowns around their neck they dont even recommend them, more problems with them than they are worth.
    Just a FYI.

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