Poor Chesty

Thank you for all your concern and suggestions. Unfortunately, Chesty has always had allergy problems.

He’s gone through testing and treatment, is on meds routinely, and a strict diet. Even with those precautions, there are times like this where his allergies flareup and we have a difficult time controlling them. We use the cone, increase his meds, and I spend more time trying to keep him from biting and scratching.

When he was tested his vet told me that he was basically allergic to life so I guess we’re lucky that they’re under control for the most part.

Just hoping we can get this episode under control without a round of steroids. We avoid them whenever possible and they are a last resort but there are times they are just unavoidable.

12 thoughts on “Poor Chesty

  1. Susan

    As you say, ‘Poor Chesty’!

    At least he has a lovely quilt to rest on.

    Our min. poodle was prone to allergies, at one stage we had to use a special shampoo for him: now that was a drenching experience for us all!

    All the best, Susan.

  2. Marcy

    Mary, So sorry to hear your little dog is so miserable. We have 2 Westies, that are very allergy prone. We switched to Wellness No-Grain Ocean formula food and add about 2 tablespoons of canned salmon. It has helped! Good luck.

  3. Laurie

    Our daughter switched to nongrain food for her dog too and so far (fingers crossed) she’s not having allergy issues! Good luck!

  4. JudyCnNC

    Our Cairns use to get a skin allergy and bite chuncks of fur off in a “hot Spot”, that is what the vet called it. We had to give them shots every year, sometimes twice a year to get it to clear. What do you do when they are allergic to grass? mine lived on Benadryl. Poor Chesty is so right. Judy C

  5. Debbie

    My heart is breaking for poor little Chesty. It kills me to see pets in pain. It has been the worst year for allergies. They came early to the East and lots of folks and pets are pretty miserable.

    Hoping little Chesty is feeling better soon. 🙂

  6. Marillyn Smith

    Oh, how I feel for Chesty. I have had terrible allergies this year – the worst ever. More than sneezing, watery eyes, drainage & coughing – also itching of the skin. It is all I can do to not scratch. Take Zycam daily. I may switch to Benedryl

    Good luck and I hope it clears up when you go home (probably only to go thru the blooming season there).

    Thinking of you.

  7. Cyndi Holguin

    Oh Poor Chesty I know what he is going through. I am awful with allergies and shingles all at the same time. the itch the pain. Poor thing. I think I will get me a collar. But I would need one for my body. hehehe. Sorry Chesty. Hope it goes away soon for both of us.

  8. Kevin H

    Chesty is so fortunate to have caring “parents” that take a vested interest in his well being. Only you and your husband know what works for him, so take other’s reccomendations with a grain of salt. My two Boston Terriers have very different needs, and I have to go about things differently with them to help them be comfortable as well.

  9. Sandra Clarke

    Hi Mary, I have a question about your beauriful solid stars and strings quilt. When you added the strips, did you pay much attention to how they matched the stars or were they just random?? I enjoy and thank you for all your help. I am a Georgian and recently passed Big Canoe on a trip to Amicalola Falls. Thought of you when I passed.
    Thanks .

  10. Jan Munson

    So sorry Chesty has such a problem. Our Bichon had the same problem and he could only eat chicken and rice dry dog food. That seemed to help a lot. I always hate to see a dog in distress. You are a good caregiver to Chesty to sit with him, etc. Maybe soon this allergy season will be over!

  11. Angie

    Poor Chesty. I hope he feels better very soon. I hate those cones, and he must to. It’s great that you can spend time consoling him.

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