Craftsy – I like the idea but….

I should have known better but the Craftsy site is very well put together and I decided to take a couple classes on Art Quilting. Unfortunately, I just cannot sit through the videos. I need to stick to my “book learning”. The pace of the videos is much too slow for me and I don’t have the patience to get through them for the nugget or two that I walk away with.

We all learn differently so I want to be clear there’s nothing wrong with the content and I’ve never been one to take a class to learn something I can teach myself by reading a book so I shouldn’t be surprised that the online classes don’t suit me.

10 thoughts on “Craftsy – I like the idea but….

  1. Beverley Tekben

    I did the same thing. Signed up for a video class and did not have the patience to sit that long. Books are much better especially on the Ipad.
    enjoy your day.

  2. Deb Praus

    I’m with you…I tried it, just was not my style. I love books and watching people(live). Sometimes I even just go with an idea, even if it does not work out I will have learned something.

  3. Bev

    At least I’m not the only one saying *I should have known.*

    I signed up for two at half price. The teacher is excellent, but the class moves so slowly I keep falling asleep — that’s not their fault.

    I also do best with books, but I like LQS classes occasionally for the social aspects, and there’s always something to learn. Sometimes I forget that there are always new quilters wanting to learn the same things I took classes for 20 years ago.

    Do you find that sometimes you just want to take a class for the love of learning?

  4. Debbie

    I actually bought a couple of the classes for $14.99 each a couple of weeks ago. Big sale and I figured it was worth the price. Have I done anything yet? No!!! I signed up for an art quilting class and a free motion quilting class.

    I guess I can’t really decide if its worth it yet and I did only watch a few lessons of the art class. We shall see.

  5. Amy

    Huh, this is very interesting. I just cannot learn something new from a book. I need to see it in motion. Sure, I can follow a pattern from a book, but when it’s some type of new technique, I like to see it live.

  6. Elaine/MuddlingThrough

    Thank God! I thought I was the only one. I never take classes because I know it would be a waste of my time and make me crazy. Reading books, trolling through webpages – fine, that’s fun. Sitting still and listening to someone tell me things – not so much. It’s good to know yourself, isn’t it?

  7. Chris

    Hi Mary,
    I have really enjoyed your site. We used your stripie quilt for our guild Quilts in the Closet Project. The quilts will go to local families in need. We made over 40 tops that day!
    I too am a “retired” nurse, which quilting has taken over! I have been long arm quilting for over 15 years and quilting over 20. I have a small quilt shop – The Quilted Moose.
    Your site is very inspiring! Thank you for sharing with us!!!

  8. debra

    I know what you mean. I like to use some of the short little YouTube videos from time to time. I often just need a tip to get me over a rough spot then I can figure out the rest.

  9. Judy

    I set up my laptop on the sewing machine table and sew while I’m watching. Usually do Home and Garden TV shows, but a quilt tutorial might be fun this way.
    Seems like a perfect accompaniment to string blocks.

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