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In progress

Not sure about this one yet but I’ll reserve judgement until its done and bound. I was doubtful about the others too.


Trolling eBay for inspiration

Another nice thing about having wireless here is that it allows me to look for ideas for new quilts. An antique quilt on eBay inspired this design. In Red and Blue it would make a great Quilt of Valor.


I don’t have a block encyclopedia here so I’m not sure what the name of this block is, I’ll have to look it up when I get home.

The Owl Strippie

These Strippies are just too cute! And quick too.



I’m always on the look for a cute print when I go to a quilt shop and these Owls were purchased at Tiny Stitches in Marietta, GA but you can find lots of cute novelty prints online at That’s where I found the the Ladybugs for Savannah’s quilt and the Butterflies for Emma’s quilt. I’d link to the fabrics but right now their site seems to be slow or down … by the time you read this it will probably be fine … Use their search button to find all kinds of novelties.

OK it’s working now… Here are three I used but there are lots more… And free shipping for orders of $35.

Just remember these Strippies look best with a mid size print, one that’s not too big or too little.

PS, I love the new machine and am glad I went ahead and bought the cabinet too!

Starting to feel homey again

When we moved to Minneapolis we put our mountain condo up for sale because we felt we wouldn’t use it often enough….of course the housing market promptly tanked and after a while we took it off the market and began spending more time here when we came to the Atlanta area to see the kids. We’ve been slowly making it ours again (we’d removed everything that wasn’t going to be sold with it) and this trip I added a sewing machine. Since we’re here weeks at a time I really wanted a machine here for piecing.

I went to the local sewing center and found a BabyLock Grace in a cabinet that will close up when we’re not here. It’s similar to the cabinet I have at home.


The dresser in this room is the right height for cutting too although it’s kind of dark at night, I can get by with task lighting.


I bought fabric to sew a Quick Strippie just to test it out. Next trip I’ll kit up a couple projects.

In addition to the sewing machine, a king size bed was delivered Friday, and we hooked the wireless back up. It’s just like home again!

He’s a good dad


And he learned from the best!


Keith and I celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary today or as Chris would say, we all celebrate the anniversary of the day we became a family.

I’m happy!

My wireless is up and running so I thought I’d share a couple photos from the other day before going to run some errands.



Last chance to vote

I wanted to thank all of you who wrote that you voted for my block in the Accuquilt Barn Quilt contest.

If you haven’t voted yet today is the last day …. PLEASE vote for my block, # 20 and help me get to the next stage.

My embroidery station

It’s a rainy day here in GA but I’m set up to make some good progress on this first landscape quilt. I did have to pick up a light when we went into Marietta yesterday, my eyes need good light these days and I didn’t have any task lighting here. I love these little Ott lights.


Heading back to Big Canoe


After a day with the kids.


Some embroidery in progress

I decided to start with the small embroidered quilt I’m calling A Walk in the Woods. The flowers are embroidered and so is the path, now I’m working on the trees — I’m really enjoying these small landscapes.


We’ve been doing some running around today – we gave away the king size bed we’d bought for the condo when we first moved because we’d planned to sell the condo but that was 6 years ago and since we’re here fairly often, we decided its time to replace it plus I’ve broken down and ordered wireless again. Even though we’re just here about once a quarter … I’m too used to having access all the time to get used to going over to the fitness center to use theirs once a day!