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Some embroidery in progress

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I decided to start with the small embroidered quilt I’m calling A Walk in the Woods. The flowers are embroidered and so is the path, now I’m working on the trees — I’m really enjoying these small landscapes.


We’ve been doing some running around today – we gave away the king size bed we’d bought for the condo when we first moved because we’d planned to sell the condo but that was 6 years ago and since we’re here fairly often, we decided its time to replace it plus I’ve broken down and ordered wireless again. Even though we’re just here about once a quarter … I’m too used to having access all the time to get used to going over to the fitness center to use theirs once a day!

Please, Please help!

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Those of you reading who have read my blog for a while may remember a couple years ago I won 2nd place in the Accuquilt Barn Quilt contest and had my design on their building for a little over a year. Well I’ve submitted another design which has made it into the top 100 and now I need your help to get into the top 20.

Will you PLEASE, PLEASE go vote for my design?! It’s number 20 and you can vote here:

You only have until April 18th and you can only vote once.


Paper – a new app

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I love Adobe Ideas for playing with quilting ideas but I came across another drawing app the other day called Paper. I’ve been playing with ideas for embroidery on the landscape quilts since I’m not able to start stitching yet and I like the journal pages where I can sketch out different ideas for each quilt.


I can’t import a photo to draw on like in Adobe Ideas but the watercolor brush does allow me to add some color behind my scribbles.


You can easily flip from one page of the journal to the next so I can draw out ideas for each section of the landscape on its own page.


I have no drawing ability but the simple tools allow me to sketch out ideas for new landscapes while I’m on the go too.


The colors are limited and the price is higher than most apps if I remember correctly but so far I like it.

Like a real artist

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I guess I’m working in a series.

I’ve always loved landscapes and played with the idea in my postcards over the last few years. With the success of Tranquil Landscape (success defined by the fact that I’m VERY pleased with the results) I created three “canvases” to work on while we’re at our condo in a couple weeks.

My approach to them is to foundation piece strips and strings on a piece of batting (my HeartStrings side coming out) and then to soften the angular lines with the embroidery. We’ll see how successful these next ones turn out.

Working titles are
A walk in the woods
Layered Hills
Winter Lake

Wish me luck


A little something for Ann

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I don’t usually like to sew from kits but when we were at the quilt show in February we saw a few cute wallhangings that would work for my sister’s kitchen. She has a hanger in there that she can change out different quilts according to the season but she’s pretty slow getting them done. I bought a kit called September Apple Harvest to make for her.

I had planned to work on it later this month when we’re at the condo but I’m going to be staying with her when I go east for my uncle’s funeral so I decided to get it done. Just needs the binding and sleeve stitched down.


I have to say I prefer working on the smaller AAQI priority size quilts. They really are the perfect size for handwork I think.

Uneven, even wonky

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BUT I do like the effect.

I don’t like ruler work or elaborate quilting and I find myself not trying things because I’m afraid they won’t turn out. There’s something to be said for starting with a top that’s been sitting in the closet for years and letting myself quilt it without worrying about how good it will be. It will be good enough and I will have had the opportunity to practice something I’m not very experienced at – and just in case it’s not evident — I’m quilting these freehand without a ruler.

I have a quilting plan

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I can’t tell you often enough how much I love the Adobe Idea’s app for trying out quilting designs.

I’m ready to start quilting the background on this one and now I have an idea where I’m going with it. I need practice echoing quilting so here goes….


By the way, I will be using matching thread not yellow – the yellow was just so I could see my lines when I was drawing them.

I don’t like every quilt

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This is an old UFO, pieced by Mom for me from a kit.

I liked it well enough when I bought the kit but now I’m not a big fan of a light single fabric background – my style is more scrappy these days and second, the leaves are fused and very stiff. Not Mom’s fault – it was probably done before we figured out that a lightweight fusible was a better idea and “windowing” the shape would leave the applique softer too.

At any rate, it is my UFO for April and the leaves are quilted — now I just have to do something with all that cream. I’m sure when it’s done and washed I’ll like it better and will be able to find a nice home for it.