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So frustrating

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I’ve tried to comment on several WordPress blogs that recently started asking for a password. It’s very frustrating to want comment and not be able to. I have a WordPress blog so I have a “password” only it’s not the “password” these blogs want. I wish I knew how to comment!

Framed Rectangles

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May’s UFO is done — early even if that makes up for me finishing April’s late. This is one of my quilts and there are instructions on the website. It’s quilted with a pantograph called Jilly by Keryn Emmerson.

I designed it to use my GO dies and it’s quick to cut even if you are using the rotary cutter. It uses bricks cut 3.5 x 6.5, 2.5 inch strips and 2 inch strips. I used a set of fat quarters and just added in some additional fabrics from my stash for variety.

I always think it’s interesting to look back to see when I started a quilt – this one was started in May 2010 and I finished the top that same month so it’s exactly 2 years old.

Anything is fine

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That’s what Mom’s been telling me for this quilt of hers. It’s a long story but she had to remove the center of this quilt – I suggested carrying the 9 patches through the center – this is what she chose to do.

Really, what am I supposed to do with these? She said a pantograph was fine but with the high contrast in fabrics and the dogs, I was afraid it would look weird.

Some ribbon meandering and continuous curves were ok for the body and borders. But I had no idea what to do here.


I looked through some books and found something I thought would work in the book Modern Quilting Designs. It’s a little shaky but looks better than a panto would have on this one I think.


Of course it would have been easier and probably have looked better had I quilted it before turning the quilt but I didn’t want to change my thread to white and then back to the turquoise to finish up the side borders. As it was, I was quilting it with the block oriented sideways instead of straight on. Live and learn.

With luck, my phone and Internet will be back up tomorrow morning. Comcast is coming out and I’m having them update my hardware to a “wireless Internet gateway” in their words so I can do away with the old computer that is to slow to use anymore but was the host computer for my network.

No phone, no Internet

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Major problems right now so I’m using my cell for email and Internet. I may not be able to resolve the issue until after the holiday weekend so I may only answer comments that have questions but I’ll be reading them all.

Have a wonderful holiday! Mine will be spent at home with Keith – some walking, some biking, some quilting, a Twins game if we can get tickets.

Fall Orange Peel

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April’s UFO (and my oldest one) is finally finished. It’s a few weeks late but I knew I’d get it done before May was over.

I don’t know exactly when Mom pieced the top for me but the Mid Atlantic Quilt show was still in Williamsburg at the time. From the time Mom and I started quilting in the Fall of 2000, we always attended the quilt show. I’ve missed a couple years but I don’t think Mom has and now it’s usually a family event with my sister Ann, my Aunt, my cousin Mary, and this year her daughters attended with us too.

It’s been rainy here today with intermittent storms so I haven’t wanted to turn on the longarm. I did get the binding made and stitched to the Framed Rectangles and I’ve read/cuddled with Chesty a bit too. Now it looks like it’s clearing up so I’ll head downstairs and load the next top. It feels really good to be making progress on these UFO’s and on the donation tops I have here.

The light is really bad tonight

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There’s no way I’m going to get a photo tonight that shows the pretty pinks and teal in this HeartStrings quilt pieced by Luisa in Italy and assembled by Sheree at our last WI/MN sew-in so I’ll just show you my quilting. Wonky Flowers from the Pajama Quilter DVD. So many of Dawn’s overall designs really suit these HeartStrings quilts and they’re simple enough that I’m able to execute them.