Not much sewing

Seems like most of my week so far has been spent running Chesty back and forth to the vet or sitting with him but the allergies are finally improving and he had his teeth cleaned too. Poor thing had to have one little one pulled but doesn’t seem to mind too much.

I have done a little quilting on April’s UFO, just have the border to quilt now and I finished up this little embroidered landscape.


The development we live in started a major renovation project so it’s been very loud and lots of workman swarming all over the place. I’d like to say I’ll get more done tomorrow but I might run away if they’re too loud and do some genealogy research at the coffee shop like I did Wednesday afternoon.

9 thoughts on “Not much sewing

  1. Susan

    I love this little wall hanging…seems that I am seeing more and more hand work popping up across the quilting boards and I really love the look!

    (I also need to take a minute and thank you once again for the free patterns that you offer on your website! I just finished a Quick Strippie quilt for a 5 year old hospice patient. It was the perfect pattern for this situation! Thank you for sharing it!)

  2. Nancy

    You have an artist’s eye: this piece is wonderful!

    The interior of my house is being painted, so I am not getting much done except moving piles from one room to another. Today, I’ll put my sewing room back together, so I am happy.

  3. Charleen

    I love it!! The colors are just my palette and the embroidery adds so much to the overall look.

    I don’t blame you for running away. I don’t get much time to work at home and I hate when it’s noisy and chaotic.

  4. Emily

    Your little quilt looks very nice! I like the embroidery you have done to it. It gives the quilt more detail. When I cannot quilt, I do like you, I “visit” my family on Ancestry!

  5. Jeane

    Beautiful little landscape. I just bought 10 spools of perl cotton but don’t know really where to start. I will think of something soon. Hope the construction doesn’t last very long.

  6. Marge in Louisiana

    You are really good with these little quilts. I would like to do some, but quilting has to be first right now.

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