More problems with my Brother machine … Had to switch back to the Elna. At this rate Keith had better watch out as I’ll be searching for a new primary machine.

While I love my Elna, it’s about 10 years old and doesn’t have the knee lift and thread cutter that the Brother has… It’s slower too. So what’s your favorite “newer” machine?

In spite of the challenges, I have made a start on the Pineapple blocks and so far I’m liking them.


32 thoughts on “Ugh!

  1. wilmanc1

    I usually piece on a Bernina, and have Juki on my frame. I like the Juki because it hums right along. Have never sewn with any other machines that I like as well as these 2.

  2. Denise

    I have a brother as a secodary..But I purchased a Juki a few years ago, I have never had a machine I love so much..It only does straight stitch but its a workhorse! My Mom from NJ is a Elna user from way back she came to florida and used mine and purchased on online here so It would be waiting for her when she got home. She recently purchased a second and that one is on her frame. Google it.. Juki TL2000

  3. Vicki W

    I dread the day when I have to shop for a machine again. All I know is that I will test drive machines like crazy. I love my old Pfaff but I know they have changed a lot since that model. I also love the Juky straight stitch machines. I have one of the original models (TL-98E) and it’s amazing. I’ve had it over 12 years and it’s in the shop now for the first time ever! It’s never even been cleaned. I know, I’m a bad machine mother but I don’t take them in until they need something. I’ve tried out Bernina machines several times but, for some reason, the just don’t fit me. Maybe you can do some test driving at MQS.

  4. Denise in PA

    I know what you are talking about! My beloved Bernina 160 has not been sewing right for a while now. It’s about 12 years old. I’ve been using my Juki TL98E for piecing and I absolutely love it. If only it had a zig zag stitch, I do believe it’s the only machine I’d need. A friend bought a new Bernina last year and is just not happy with it. I’m afraid to get a new one!

  5. Leslie Myers

    I piece on Berninas. I have every machine i have ever owned (5) and I love my older mechanical and my Activa. The Activa is a 3/4 size machine but that is fine for piecing. I can’t do with out the knee lift or the fabulous foot pedal which brings the needle up or down. It weighs 17 pounds so it is not light but it heavy enough to stay put!
    All my machines are durable, and trouble free which speaks to the quality. I even have “the overly computerized wonder machine” that does embroidery and measures buttons on the screen and other amazing things and in 9 years it has only been to the “spa” for cleaning.

  6. Marillyn Smith

    If I needed a new machine I would look seriously at the Janome 6600 – I have been reading rave reviews on this machine for the past few years. Two dear friends own one and do they ever love the way it sews.

  7. Nancy

    I love sewing on my Juki TL 98E. I’ve had it for 10 years and have not had any problems. I sew and quilt on it (no frame just quilt).

  8. Nancy

    I have one machine, a Bernina, with very few bells and whistles. As long as it sews a straight, even stitch, it will continue to be my only machine.

  9. Jeane

    I just bought a Husquvarna Designer II for my daughter which upgrades her from my 1970 Kenmore. She is thrilled and it is a terrific machine for only $600. I piece on a Bernina and often FMQ on a Singer vintage.

  10. Robin

    Ugh …… sorry about your machine woes. I love my Elna 500. She has been going strong ever since I bought her in 1983. I don’t know what I would do if she ever gave up the ghost.

  11. Cyndi Holguin

    I would go with a Janome 1600DP for straight stitching or I just love my Babylock Ellego for everything else. And I still use my old Kenmore I bought back in ’68.

  12. Charleen

    I have a little Janome and an Elna 7300 (comparable to the Janome 6600). Both are fantastic for piecing. I machine quilt on my Elna too.

  13. Alison in UK

    There’s nothing more frustrating than a machine that won’t sew nicely when you’re fired up with a new project! I’ve had various machines over the years, some of which I’ve liked more than others, but none of which I was 100% happy with, until I invested in my Bernina 630. It is absolutely the most amazing machine and I love it. It’s heavy, not really suitable if you want something to take out and about with you, but it sews beautifully and the attention to detail you get with a Bernina makes my gadget-loving heart very happy :). PS, have now bought my ipod nano off ebay (bargain) and am shocked at how few steps I’ve taken the last few days. Time to shake off the cobwebs, I just wish it would stop raining here in the UK.

  14. Alison in UK

    PPS – am loving the pink and purple pineapples (try saying that three times quickly :))

  15. Barb

    Mary, I love your fabric collection! I have an Elna which stays in MN for when we are there in the summer for my get togethers with my quilting friends. The Elna was my first quilting machine and I loved it until I bought my Janome Memory Craft 6600 for here in AZ. The Janome has the extra space in the arm for quilting & just a sturdier machine. Happy quilting!

  16. Sandra Clarke

    I have 2 Berninas and although I have not used the 2nd one much, it has the embroidery module-bought used, but I love my original Bernina. One of these days I will try to master the second one.

  17. Bonita B

    I have 5 machines. One is a very old, heavy Singer (that works great); have a newer Singer Sew Perfect; new Singer Serger; a Viking Scandinavia 200 (is 8 yrs old, I use for piecing); and a Viking Sapphire 835 that I use for quilting. I use my Viking Scandinavia everyday, but if I was to get a new machine, I would consider a Juki because I have heard great things about them. Love your pineapple blocks.

  18. JudyCnNC

    I sold my Pfaff when I got my Bernina Artista ten years ago- big mistake because everything I need for the Bernina(feet,light,walking foot, etc) is way too costly. Recently had it serviced and was told that the motor was going (worn out) and I would be better off with a new Bernina than replacing the motor because of cost – my response was it might be new but would not be a Bernina if they only last ten years. The Pfaff with built-in walking foot would have done everything I needed, but I thought I needed the Mercedes, now I just need a good worker. Good Luck on your search and I will be following your journey. Judy C

  19. carol

    I used to sew on a Computerized Husquvarna with all the necessary quilters gadgets which I can’t fix myself. Now I prefer and use a 1951 Singer Featherweight with no gadgets that sews perfectly. Us old girls get along just fine and I can do any necessary repairs myself………

  20. carol

    I used to use my computerized Husquvarna but much prefer now my 1951 Singer Featherweight which I can fix myself. Us old girls get along just fine.

  21. Flatlander (Linda)

    I have a Bernina 180E which I purchased when I started quilting (over-bought because it’s NOT a good machine for quilting and I don’t embroider that much). It sits in the closet most of the time. Love, love, love my Bernina 163 which is a quilting machine extraordinaire! Recently purchased a 1936 Featherweight to take on retreats and to classes. Sews a great straight stitch and is in excellent condition. Won a Viking machine (don’t even know which model it is) which has never come out of the box … I’m not a Viking girl so will probably donate sometime. About a year ago purchased on eBay at Janome 760 which is a sweet little machine; does a nice job. Recently I’ve heard good things about Juki machines but haven’t investigated them yet … how many machines do you think you can have before it’s too many???

  22. Diann Smith

    I own seven kinds of machines but my favorite and used every day and a workhorse that makes the best stitches is my Janome 6500. I even had a quilt business for eleven years after retiring and I quilted so many quilts on the thing that it is not to be believed and it’s still sewing along beautifull. I probably shouldn’t have said that. It may collapse this afternoon but I don’t think so. I’d buy another in a heartbeat.

  23. Vicki

    I got the Janome Horizon 7700 last fall and I am really loving it. I have 3 other Janomes too, they are all great! BTW really like your pineapple blocks.

  24. Susan McFarland

    I’m an Elna lover from way back. I now sew on an Elna Pro Quilting Queen. It is truly my dream machine. Lots of room, thread cutter and a knee lift which I’m not really used to using, even after 3 years! Love love love it.

  25. Jeannie

    I own a Husqvarna Lily 555 have had it for about 12 years, wonderful machine, have never had a speck of trouble with it. I do all my piecing on this machine. I also own a Bernina 730E which I bought for the embroidery feature but also love how it quilts. I used to have a Singer Platnium Plus it would sew fine but didn’t like to quilt at all.

  26. Deb

    Imjust bought a Janome 7700 and I love it. It has automatic differential feed and a wonderful quilting stitch.

  27. Susan Eaton

    Hi Mary,
    I bought a Juki TL98E about 10 years ago from TJ Elias on 3556 Snelling Ave South, in Minneapolis, and it’s great! Just a dependable, basic, sturdy machine with a good straight forward and backward stitch. And the people at Elias were really nice, too. They might even give you a discount because of all the donation quilts you make. I only had a problem with it once, and when I called Elias to see if they were open, they asked me to describe what was happening with the machine. When I told them, they “fixed it” over the phone, because all I needed to do was push a lever to take it out of bobbin-winding mode.
    Have fun and good luck shopping for your new machine!

  28. Angie

    Love your Pineapple Blocks Mary! Gorgeous colors! New machines—wish I could suggest which one. The two I primarily use are a Babylock, and a Pfaff. Have you looked at the newer Babylock Symphony. It looks like a nice machine with a knee lift, and satin-zig-zag, deco stitches. While I love Juki straight stitch machines there simply are times I need a good blanket stitch, or satin stitch. Have fun shopping for a new machine!

  29. Sandy

    Mary, I love my Janome 6500, it does everything and I use it to quilt with also. I also like to piece with my Brother 1500, it only does straight stitch.

  30. Lori in South Dakota

    learned a lot from everyone’s comments. Although I have a fairly new Pfaff Quiltstyle–I rarely use it. I piece with one of the many old Singers I have. Most a Singer 201-2–but sometimes a 15-91. A 1938 Featherweight to travel with. Although the new machines have some great options–I can’t wear out or break the old Singers and can do repairs/service myself.

    You’re a gadget geek Mary–you’ll have to tell us what you find out.

    Hehe–no pedometer here–but I gave tours Th-Fr and my feet swelled and the calves of my legs ached. I think I got in plenty of steps! And there were stairs too.

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