Ready for assembly

The Pineapple blocks are done and the top is ready for assembly which will probably take me longer than the blocks did as I tend to procrastinate on this part.


13 thoughts on “Ready for assembly

  1. Marilyn McKinnon

    There is so much wonderful movement in this quilt. I am going to make one for sure

  2. Susan Denton

    Hi Mary,
    I realize you’re not asking for opinions, but here goes anyway. In looking at this quilt, I like it alot– without the borders.

  3. Laurie

    LOVE the bright colors in this P/A quilt! I also LOVE the quilting on the UFO in the previous post! It looks beautiful!

    And the weather has been absolutely gorgeous for walking along the river! We are spoiled to live in Mpls!

  4. Alison in UK

    It’s looking gorgeous! Once I get to this stage I can’t wait to see the top complete, it never takes long to sew all the blocks together.

  5. Dee Dee

    I love this quilt – just gorgeous! What pattern did you use? I love making quilts that piece together quickly like this one and I could possibly get two pieced and finished in a month. Thanks for sharing.

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