Killing time

Chesty’s being groomed and I’m hanging out at Barnes & Noble while I wait. They have the summer 2012 issue of Quilty on the shelves that has my quilt in it.
I have one copy sent to me by the magazine but just had to buy one myself.


13 thoughts on “Killing time

  1. Sue

    Congratulations, Mary! I’m excited, too. I plan on buying a copy- glad to know it’s at Barnes & Noble.

  2. Debbie

    Congrats, Mary! I picked up a copy on Friday at my local shop. The magazine had just arrived and she was showing it to me and I said I knew someone (well, you know what I mean) who had project in the magazine! So, of course, I bought it! It is quite a nice magazine. How wonderful for you to be in the magazine, too!

  3. Deb Praus

    Congrats Mary!
    I also went and bought a copy….so nice to see someone appreciated for what they do. Now you are FAMOUS!!!!!


  4. KatieQ

    It must be incredible to buy a copy of a magazine and see your quilt inside. Congratulation! The recognition is well deserved.

  5. Marillyn Smith

    I bought my copy a few days ago. Your quilt is just wonderful. However, it would have been perfect if all the quilts were accompanied by a photo of the quilter. Congratulations for being published!

  6. Evelyn

    Congratulations Mary! How exciting to see your quilt “in print”! I love seeing all your designs on the computer via your blog, but there is something different about holding an actual magazine in your hands! Cheers! Evelyn

  7. Alycia

    Thanks to your earlier post I picked up this magazine as well – I love it! And so excited to see someone I *know* in it!!

  8. Angela S.

    I picked up a copy of Quilty as well!! I love the magazine and I’m so happy to have found you in there. The quilt looks fabulous! Congratulations 🙂

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