On my design wall

The pineapple is now a finished top. I know there was a group of you that didn’t think this quilt needed borders and while I love quilts without, this one said from the beginning it wanted one.

The pinks are photographing rather “hot” but as usual working at night has its challenges when it comes to photographing the results.


31 Responses to “On my design wall”

  • Ann:

    I wasn’t sure I liked the pink, purple combo when you started this one but the end result is stunning! Never ceases to amaze me how quickly you put quilt tops together. No chance yet to get the latest edition of “QUILTY’ but I am hoping tomorrow. I’m happy for you!

  • Marie:

    I love your quilt! Those were my favorite colors growing up! I wanted a purple car with a hot pink interior, lol. (no I never got one)

  • DianeY:

    So pretty! Yhe borders are perfect!
    (I like your security questions!-I’d much rather add 2 numbers than try to type words that are so distorted I can’t read them!)

  • I like it!! And I agree with you about it needing border. It sets it off perfectly.

  • Looks good. I like the extended sashings through the borders. I love the Color Combo!

  • Marilyn McKinnon:

    Hi Mary. I have been following this quilt since its birth and I adore the finished top. I particularly like the way the pink inner border extends into the outer one. For sure I am going to make one of these. Marilyn

  • Whenyou first showed the border fabric it looked like it was the wrong shade. It looks great!

  • Linda:

    Wow this is a HOT quilt

  • Alison in UK:

    Wow, that looks stunning! I love the pineapple block, but it strikes me as very fiddly. Is there a quick way of making it?

  • Dawn:

    what a beautiful quilt Mary. Love the colors and yes it needed the border. it is perfect!
    Dawn in MA

  • That is spectacular! It’s one of the prettiest things you’ve ever made, I think. And the borders are just right! 🙂

  • Barb in MI/FL:

    I love the borders… they ‘corral’ the pink! LOL Some young girl will love it!

  • Sara:

    Very pretty!

  • I’m glad you followed your instinct and added the border. It looks great.

  • Penny G:

    I love the borders and you made great choices all the way!

  • Laurie:

    This turned out PERFECTLY with the borders. I just love the bright/bold look of this top! Well done, Mary!

  • Darlis Johns:

    Very striking! I like it. Should brighten someones day.

  • Beautiful quilt and the borders add so much!

  • Margie:

    The person that gets this is very lucky.

  • Pretty, pretty and I love the borders.

  • Anna Singleton:

    Mary, it is beautiful! But what can I say I am partial to purple anyway.

  • Jennifer:

    Mary – that looks super all put together. Borders really make the center blocks pop! Great job! Jenn

  • Lori in Tucson:

    Mary, I really like your choice for border. Do you have any special tip for your method in lining up your “extended sashing” style inner border? You always do such a great job with your quilts!

  • I love your grape-colored border–perfect choice….what a ymmy quilt!! Julierose

  • Aline:

    LOVE IT! So pretty to look at those colors. Very nice.

  • Marillyn Smith:

    Yum! It is beautiful! But then, I love purple and pink together, purple and yellow, purple and orange…….

  • Kristy Wilkinson:

    I really like this quilt! The purple drew me in but the pink is ok too. I love the borders and the way it all works together. Great job! K-

  • carol:

    Wow stunning. The border lifts the top onto another level. It would make a great quilt for the “Red Hat Society”. Beautiful work Mary well done.

  • Judy:

    I’m with Ann – I wasn’t loving the pink and purple pineapple blocks until the border was put on. Now I think it looks great.
    I’m doing a set of multicolor pineapple blocks myself, but I changed the dimensions and it’s taking me longer than if I had just done the standard size. Oh well, maybe a lesson learned?

  • Wow…this is gorgeous! The border definitely completes it. What a celebration of color!

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