Pineapple borders

I had several comments/questions about the pineapple border so I thought I’d answer in a “how to” post. Its basically a border with cornerstones but I wanted to bring that pink out into the purple border. I could have done it like my brick quilt but wanted to stick with the cornerstones.

My pink border was cut 1.5 inches, the purple border was cut 5.5 inches, and my purple corners were 5.5 inch squares framed on two sides by 1.5 inch pink strips.

The advantage to using cornerstones is that I can sew my pink and purple borders together before measuring and pinning them to the quilt.

I put my side borders on first and then the pieced cornerstones were sewn to the top and bottom borders and then sewn to the quilt.

You do want to keep the longer seam on the cornerstone oriented in the same direction – in this case it follows the vertical direction of the side borders in all 4 corners. That little seam seam will help you line up your borders when you attach it to the quilt, I always press in opposite directions and pin.


7 thoughts on “Pineapple borders

  1. Mary Lea

    Mary, Thanks for this posting! I am working on a quilt right now that I can use this technique for and you really simplified it.

  2. Eileen Swanstrom

    Mary, you are always so full of great ideas! I can think of several projects that would benefit from this technique. Thank you!!!

  3. Beatrice

    thank you for the info on the borders. Will try it on a top that’s been waiting for too long. Beatrice (from France – Europe!)

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