UFO progress

After piecing a back for the Pineapple, I decided I’d load and quilt May’s UFO – my Framed Rectangles. I knew I wanted “round” quilting on it and had thought about quilting some freehand spirals but I bought one new pantograph at MQS and decided to try it out.


It’s curvaceousness was just what I was looking for. The pantograph is Jilly by Keryn Emmerson.

13 thoughts on “UFO progress

  1. Evelyn

    Looks like a fun new panto! On my quilts, I do not like them quilted too tightly because then they are not snuggly! I like the spacing on this one. And it was a fun choice to combine the square blocks with a round quilting design! Cheers! Evelyn

  2. Peggy

    My colors and love the curves. You did a wonderful job, but then you always do! Just lovely.

  3. Ann

    Those curves are just what this quilt needed. Beautiful quilting on a beautiful quilt!

  4. carol

    Lovely quilt. Scrumptious colors so warm and snugly and with a perfect pantograph. A+ Mary go to the top of the class.

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