Getting my steps in

I’ve been surprised how few steps I get just from running around the house working all day … Lots of stairs but not so many steps. I’ve been trying to take a break when I change tasks and just walking around the short block of townhouses where I live. I walk from my back door to the front and back again. It doesn’t take but a few minutes out of my working time and the steps start to add up.

Plus, out my front door is a pretty park like setting – its kind of nice to get out.

The back isn’t so pretty, just the road and driveways ….


But I do get to look at all the pretty flowers my neighbors put out


There’s a little water feature out front, a steam and a tiny waterfall that I walk by



The trees create a pretty canopy


And after a quick loop, I’m back to my quilting.


6 thoughts on “Getting my steps in

  1. Angie

    You live in a park! It’s beautiful!—and so is the quilt! Even on a good day of walking it seems all I manage to get done is approx. 6000 or so steps. I think if I ever did the proverbial 10,000 it would do me in! :o)

  2. Shari

    You are one smart lady Mary! I could see how walking thru that area would be refreshing.

  3. Flatlander (Linda)

    The plantings look beautiful. I love pots clustered together with different plants … container gardening … a great idea to get those steps to add up, too! I am retiring a week from today and it is my goal to start walking each morning when I get up … even if for only 15 minutes at first. To me, that (along with a leisurely cup of tea) is one of the “treats” of being retired … no timeclocks to punch, alarms going off and setting my own schedule/pace.

  4. Tanya

    I just bought myself a new pedometer as the last one got smashed when it fell out of my pocket. I’m trying to link into a health website but haven’t been able to figure out that yet. It’s true, that a little gadget can make me get out of the house more. Your park atmosphere is lovely. My walk is too but I have to look out for snakes…

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