Anything is fine

That’s what Mom’s been telling me for this quilt of hers. It’s a long story but she had to remove the center of this quilt – I suggested carrying the 9 patches through the center – this is what she chose to do.

Really, what am I supposed to do with these? She said a pantograph was fine but with the high contrast in fabrics and the dogs, I was afraid it would look weird.

Some ribbon meandering and continuous curves were ok for the body and borders. But I had no idea what to do here.


I looked through some books and found something I thought would work in the book Modern Quilting Designs. It’s a little shaky but looks better than a panto would have on this one I think.


Of course it would have been easier and probably have looked better had I quilted it before turning the quilt but I didn’t want to change my thread to white and then back to the turquoise to finish up the side borders. As it was, I was quilting it with the block oriented sideways instead of straight on. Live and learn.

With luck, my phone and Internet will be back up tomorrow morning. Comcast is coming out and I’m having them update my hardware to a “wireless Internet gateway” in their words so I can do away with the old computer that is to slow to use anymore but was the host computer for my network.

8 thoughts on “Anything is fine

  1. Dianne B. in England

    I think that looks really good, Mary. I especially like the way you oriented the rows so it looks like the doggies are walking down little pathways, like taking a walk in the garden. It’s very sweet! 🙂

  2. carol

    Ingenious Mary. I agree with Dianne its as if the dogs are walking along a pathway.Thanks for the inspiration……..

  3. Penny G

    I guess I am not an authority on quilting because it looks great to me and the fact that you did it with the square sideways leaves me in awe of your ability.

  4. Bev in MI

    The way you quilted it is wonderful. I especially like that you put the little wiggles between just some of the lines on the doggie paths.

    I often look at the detail in your quilts as a way to get ideas for mine. I’m such a newbie I get stuck easily, although the Pajama Quilter DVD is interesting. I just need the confidence to use some of those ideas on a quilt I’m giving away. I worry what someone might say when they ask about a design and I say *it’s a fern ziggle.* LOL

    When I think back to when my Mom and I did crafty things together, I think that you should follow what the title says and stop second guessing yourself. It’s hard, but you can do it.

  5. Tanya

    I think your idea for quilting that block really set it all off! Great idea that I will try to remember.

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