So frustrating

I’ve tried to comment on several WordPress blogs that recently started asking for a password. It’s very frustrating to want comment and not be able to. I have a WordPress blog so I have a “password” only it’s not the “password” these blogs want. I wish I knew how to comment!

7 Responses to “So frustrating”

  • I’ve found that too, and assumed it was cos i didn’t have a wordpress account. Next time, I think I’ll try and contact the blog owner by email, cos I guess it’s possible they don’t know this is happening?

  • I’m sorry you are having issues with commenting on these blogs. Hope things get better.

  • kayp:

    i hear you! i usually end up just skipping commenting if it doesn’t go through the 1st time.

  • Flatlander (Linda):

    I am so, so, so tired of having to have so many different passwords or codes for the electronic part of my life. Then they EXPIRE and you have to come up with a new one. Frustrating!! I’m like Kayp … if it doesn’t go through the first time I move one.

  • I’ve been having that happen recently and I don’t have a WordPress blog.

  • Same here–ditto!! Very frustrating and I have a blogger site…Julierose

  • Kim Parsell:

    Are the WordPress blogs you are trying to leave a comment on hosted at or are they self-hosted? If you could post a link to a few of them, maybe I can help figure out the issue and provide a solution.

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