from Brenda (in Namibia)

I love it when people share their work with me … Brenda sent me this photo of her strips and strings log cabin and this string quilt. Don’t they look wonderful?

I especially like the thin red border and how she arranged her colors in the log cabin quilt.



10 Responses to “from Brenda (in Namibia)”

  • Wow… beautiful quilts, both of them! Great job, Brenda!!!!

  • Shari in AZ:

    Great quilts!! Love the log cabin! Keep up the great work Brenda.

  • Beverley:

    Lovely quilts Mary. Log cabin is my favourite, but I still haven’t mase one.

  • Cyndi Holguin:

    love Log Cabins my daughter just made her first one and is so excited. I love both of Brendas quilt they are just adorable.

  • Gorgeous quilts! I so want to make a log cabin like this.

  • Brenda:

    It was a lovely surprise to find my quilts on your blog, Mary! And thanks to you all for the encouraging comments. 🙂

  • Janie/struggling in Dymchurch:

    We visited Brenda in SA last year and I saw a lot of her work. She has done some beautiful quilts and gave me the inspiration to start my first project, which is going very slowly at the moment – making the most of the good weather in the garden. Just about at the stage of putting the backing etc. on. Two more fantastic quilts!!

  • jean:

    Strings are so much fun!

  • Evelyn:

    Those are colorful and beautiful quilts! I like how you can make any fabric work by sorting them by color! Fun scrap quilts! Cheers! Evelyn

  • carol:

    Nice to see other quilters examples of Mary’s patterns. The log cabin is very nice and I love the juicy string quilt. Well done Brenda give yourself a well earned pat on the back.

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