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Quilty Magazine

I’ve received a few emails from some of you that have seen my quilt in the new magazine Quilty. Look for it in stores now!


So which quilt? Remember my Diamonds and Rails?



I’m heading to MQS today to meet up with my sister Deb. If you’re attending look for us to say hi. We’ll be there until Friday.

Needs some practice!

This is an allover fern meander from the Pajama Quilter DVD –I find this one a little tricky but like all of the freehand designs on Dawn’s DVD’s it’s pretty forgiving. Quilted here on a Strips and Strings Log Cabin pieced by Jackie.

I really like how this one looks close up.

Happy Mother’s Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful day. Mine was nice but quiet … I feel like I made a mistake this year not planning to be at Mom’s on Mother’s Day, usually I try to be there. Now my trip later this month is canceled. Disappointing.

Here’s a recent photo of my Mom with the “youngest” half of her 6 kids. I always describe my position in the family as the oldest of the youngest girls.


It’s amazing how much my respect and admiration for her has grown as I get older. She’s such a strong, caring person.


Love this pink and brown HeartStrings top from Tish — it’s just gorgeous although this isn’t the best shot of it. Just wait until it’s bound and I’ll take an outside photo. Quilted with the pantograph Hearts in Bloom.

In addition to sending tops in, Tish also has supplied me with many, many backings over the last several years for HeartStrings quilts. I am so appreciative of her support.

Caleb is 2

We weren’t able to attend his birthday party last weekend but we did FaceTime with him and Adam today on his 2nd birthday.


Getting unstuck

I’ve got a stack of tops waiting for quilting but I’ve been stuck – not wanting to come downstairs to quilt so instead of doing the next quilt in line — I chose a HeartStrings top pieced by Kitty and quilted some swirly Dwirling on it from the Pajama Quilter DVD. It was just what I needed – quick, easy, forgiving, and done!

This is one of 11 or 12 HeartStrings tops that I have here and want to get quilted by the end of June. I’ll do them in between one I’ve promised to Mom by the end of May and a couple of my UFO’s.

Ready for assembly

The Pineapple blocks are done and the top is ready for assembly which will probably take me longer than the blocks did as I tend to procrastinate on this part.


April’s UFO – not quite done

But at least I finished the quilting tonight. I finally made myself go down and finish this up – now it just needs binding which it will get after I finish up the Pineapple blocks — I’ll be late finishing it but it will be done by the end of the month along with May’s UFO.

It’s kind of hard to see but I just did a swirl in the border that is similar to the swirls in the leaves.

I still don’t particularly care for it but it’s almost done!


I need to go on a FABRIC diet

I am constantly amazed at how little fabric it takes to make a scrap quilt. A little of this a little of that and no noticeable difference in my scrap drawer at all. Times like this I feel like I need to take a vow NOT to purchase any more fabric!

I’ve got 4 more pineapple blocks to make before I’ll be able to start assembling that top.

On a day like today, I’m thankful I live in a beautiful location where I can walk or bike right from my house and follow miles and miles of trails. Today’s walk took me in a loop along the river.


Chugging along

More blocks done, more in progress….I’m leaning toward borders as I put more blocks up on my design wall.


Highly Active

According to NIH, I was highly active today. Let me tell you it’s a lot of work for me to get to 10000 steps per day much less go way over! The iPod Nano is working really, really well for me and encouraging those extra steps.


The first few blocks

It’s always fun to finish the first few blocks and toss them up on the design wall. I haven’t decided where I’m going with this one yet. It’s going to be a donation quilt and I have fabric suitable for a border/borders but size wise I think 20 blocks might be big enough.



More problems with my Brother machine … Had to switch back to the Elna. At this rate Keith had better watch out as I’ll be searching for a new primary machine.

While I love my Elna, it’s about 10 years old and doesn’t have the knee lift and thread cutter that the Brother has… It’s slower too. So what’s your favorite “newer” machine?

In spite of the challenges, I have made a start on the Pineapple blocks and so far I’m liking them.


My day





And in case you’re wondering where I’m going with this …. I’ve been wanting to make another Pineapple quilt like this one recently published in Quilter’s Digest. I don’t submit my quilts for publication but now and then I’m contacted by newsletters or magazines. Many times it doesn’t work out because the quilts have already been donated but in this case all they needed was a photo and I’ve got another one being published later this month in the new Quilty Magazine.


Not much sewing

Seems like most of my week so far has been spent running Chesty back and forth to the vet or sitting with him but the allergies are finally improving and he had his teeth cleaned too. Poor thing had to have one little one pulled but doesn’t seem to mind too much.

I have done a little quilting on April’s UFO, just have the border to quilt now and I finished up this little embroidered landscape.


The development we live in started a major renovation project so it’s been very loud and lots of workman swarming all over the place. I’d like to say I’ll get more done tomorrow but I might run away if they’re too loud and do some genealogy research at the coffee shop like I did Wednesday afternoon.

Photo apps

Some of my favorite iPad apps are for use with photos and I love transforming less than wonderful photos by playing with them to create something better. Tonight as I left the library after doing my volunteer stint, I snapped a photo with my phone – the light was low and the photo was grainy but I like the photo after playing with it in the app Photo Toaster


May’s UFO

Thank goodness for Judy’s UFO challenge …. Somehow my tops always get pushed to the end of the list. May’s UFO, framed rectangles, was finished in May 2010 – or at least the top was finished in May 2010. Now two years later I’ll finally finish the quilt.