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More impressive

5 quilts bound… And another two quilted.


Here’s number 5 — another HeartStrings brought home from the last sew-in.


Not bad considering I also volunteered at the library on Tuesday and at Habitat on Thursday. I consider this week a good one — and yes, a good week is one in which I’m productive.

Not too impressive

This week’s knitting … Just a little progress on the heel flap


Betty’s blocks?

My memory is getting so bad — I think these blocks were pieced by Betty and the top assembled by me in March at the HeartStrings sew in.

It’s quilted with freehand swirls and has a pieced binding. I don’t always take the time to assemble leftover binding bits into one long strip but the last two quilts I’ve bound have had pieced bindings and they’re a great way to finish off scrap quilts and use up those leftovers.

I’m getting over my fear of power tools

I haven’t done a build day in a couple years  (where does the time go?) but really enjoyed my time today on Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build. I’m exhausted but it’s a good tired.

I worked with the smaller group (that included the homeowner to be) on the garage


Another finish, this Strips and Strings Log Cabin pieced by Jackie is now bound and labeled.


Another top from Tish

This one is designated as a QOV once it’s bound. Pieced by Tish and quilted with the pantograph Ebb and Flow.

I hope to finish up a binding today too.

No sewing today

It was all about geneaolgy today. First at home this morning requesting copies of records I can’t find online and then volunteering at the library this afternoon/evening.


I also reviewed some letters that were passed along to me that gives my great-great grandfather’s first name. I’ll have to confirm that the information is correct but hopefully It will help me track him down.

Tomorrow it’s back to binding and quilting.

I don’t like a plain meander

For some reason, this Fern Ziggle (from the Pajama Quilter DVD)  which is basically a meander within a meander is a lot more fun to quilt I think.

The HeartStrings top was pieced by AnnG

Another finish

It feels good to have some finishes for a change. I’ve been working on binding the last 3 days but tomorrow I will need to get another top loaded and quilted.

This HeartStrings top was pieced by Tish, quilted and bound by me.


Coinstar and Amazon

We always have a ton of coins sitting around the house and I hate paying fees to exchange them at a coin machine and I hate rolling them too so I was thrilled when I found that Coinstar allows you to get an Amazon gift card with no penalty. Yesterday I traded in $176.42 in coins — more books for me!