Glad to be home

I love traveling but am always glad to get home to Chesty. He’s staying pretty close today.


9 thoughts on “Glad to be home

  1. Linda in NE

    It looks like he’s glad to be home too. It’s so cute that he has his paw on your foot so you can’t sneak away from him while he sleeps.

  2. Jane

    oh yes, I’m sure Chesty’s is glad to be home and have you home.When I’ve been away my dogs just can’t get close enough when I get home. I love how they live in the moment-just enjoying being with their “people”.

    hope you had a wonderful vacation-it’s nice to get away but always nice to come home too!

  3. Pat C in Washington

    That’s so cute – he wants to keep a paw on you so you can’t escape. I recently got back from a few days’ sewing retreat and my cat Tigger was the same way. He wanted me to wear him every time I sat down.

  4. Alison in UK

    I had a cat who used to do this, it made me feel very guilty every time I left him. Chesty looks very cute though :). I hope you had a good time in Italy.

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