Glad to be home

I love traveling but am always glad to get home to Chesty. He’s staying pretty close today.


9 Responses to “Glad to be home”

  • Oh I just love that paw–he’s not lettingyou out of his reach…cute. Julierose

  • I’m sure he’s glad that you’re home… 🙂

  • It looks like he’s glad to be home too. It’s so cute that he has his paw on your foot so you can’t sneak away from him while he sleeps.

  • Kevin H:

    Welcome home!

  • Jane:

    oh yes, I’m sure Chesty’s is glad to be home and have you home.When I’ve been away my dogs just can’t get close enough when I get home. I love how they live in the moment-just enjoying being with their “people”.

    hope you had a wonderful vacation-it’s nice to get away but always nice to come home too!

  • The best part of any trip is coming home, especially when you have someone that sweet waiting for you.

  • Pat C in Washington:

    That’s so cute – he wants to keep a paw on you so you can’t escape. I recently got back from a few days’ sewing retreat and my cat Tigger was the same way. He wanted me to wear him every time I sat down.

  • How sweet! I am sure he is very, very happy to have you home!

  • Alison in UK:

    I had a cat who used to do this, it made me feel very guilty every time I left him. Chesty looks very cute though :). I hope you had a good time in Italy.

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