June’s UFO

I’m finished a few days early again – this little HeartStrings was pieced about a year ago and look, I finally have some flowers for my deck. I waited until after our trip to buy them this year because I knew they’d die while we were gone.


It even has a little heart label. I’d been using the double hearts on my gift quilts but decided to try a simple one for this quilt. I fuse the square of fabric and run it though my GO using one of the two heart dies I have. Fuse it to the back and hand stitch it down with a blanket stitch.


14 thoughts on “June’s UFO

  1. Mary C in WA

    The flowers go with the Quilt. Pretty colors and a good finish in plenty of time. Welcome home to the USA! Thanks for the nudge to get my UFO out again to work on it…

  2. Ann

    Love the quilt. The heart label makes it extra special ~ it will make someone very happy! Those pink geraniums are wonderful.

  3. Dee

    I have been a lurker here for a while, but wanted to say hi and what a beautiful quilt! I love the colours, good job! Makes me want to try my hand at that kind of quilt (and I have enough scrap fabrics to get me through a few of them!!)

    Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. Lee

    What a delightful quilt. Looks like your trip was fabulous (sorry have been absent from blogging for a while)

  5. Valerie

    Ooh I really like the colors of this one. You give me ideas for all of those bright colored strings I have laying around from children’s quilts and holiday projects. Very nice!

  6. JudyCnNC

    What a happy and joyful quilt you have – the heart label is just perfect. Always love to see your creations. Good color choice on flowers. Bless Chesty’s little heart – he missed you. Judy C n NC

  7. Dar in MO

    Mary, Your quilt has my favorite colors in it. I too love making string quilts, although I’m way behind this year.!! Your label is perfect. Your flowers look so pretty sitting beside your quilt. Mine burned up with our 108 degrees lately.

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