Coinstar and Amazon

We always have a ton of coins sitting around the house and I hate paying fees to exchange them at a coin machine and I hate rolling them too so I was thrilled when I found that Coinstar allows you to get an Amazon gift card with no penalty. Yesterday I traded in $176.42 in coins — more books for me!


9 thoughts on “Coinstar and Amazon

  1. Flatlander (Linda)

    I agree … and we use Coinstar all the time (it’s located in our grocery store). Easy peasy!!

  2. Laurie

    Great tip…obviously would have to drive there since there aren’t many locations near us but it’s nice to know.

  3. Four dogs and one quilter

    I’m with you, love to turn my coins into Amazon or iTunes gift cards.

  4. Susan

    I hate rolling change too…my daughter-in-law loves it though, so that is usually our “after Thanksgiving dinner while the guys watch football” project! :o)

  5. Nancy

    Every three months I take my loose change to my bank and deposit it in a savings account. Amazing how quickly the balance grows from just change. I simply put the coins in a plastic zipper bag, and the teller puts the coins in their machine for no fee.

  6. Alison in UK

    You can also put your coins in the self-service tills at the supermarkets in the UK. In fact, you only need to make a small purchase and as long as you keep loading the loose change in without letting the machine stop, it will give you your change in sensible-sized denominations. Good Sunday afternoon entertainment :).

  7. Kim

    And all the other cool stuff you can buy on amazon!

    We’re lucky our credit union has free machines that deposit right to our savings account. When did we all stop spending out change?

    Happy Sewing

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