More impressive

5 quilts bound… And another two quilted.


Here’s number 5 — another HeartStrings brought home from the last sew-in.


Not bad considering I also volunteered at the library on Tuesday and at Habitat on Thursday. I consider this week a good one — and yes, a good week is one in which I’m productive.

11 thoughts on “More impressive

  1. Penny G

    The volunteering at the library and building at Habitat were productive too. One day of your week outshines all of my week! Maybe I’ll get inspired.

  2. Peggy

    You are on a roll, good work. Love the colors. No matter how many times I see Heart String quilts, they impress me.

  3. vera carr

    I wish i had your get up and go. But i guess being twenty years older than you might make some differents.haha.wig.

  4. Linda in NE

    You got a lot done this week. I’m trying to recall what I may have gotten done. Mmmmmmmmm, I think I got some HSTs pressed….pathetic.

  5. Denise Porter

    Can you maybe do a post telling where all these Heartstrings Quilts go to? I know I’ve seen the list on this site, but not really sure where all the donations go. Thanks.

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