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Another day on the train

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We love traveling by train and this trip is proving to be perfect for that too. Yesterday we arrived at Monterosso.

After relaxing a bit on the terrace of our B&B , we walked around a bit, had dinner, and then strolled by the sea.



I’ve been very lazy the last couple days and haven’t been toting the camera around. These photos have been snapped with my iPhone and I hope I won’t end up with regrets. Luckily the resolution is high enough for 4×6 prints or viewing on the iPad which is where we view most of our photos these days

Double 4 patch

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I’m going to have limited Internet and nothing going on from a quilting standpoint so I thought I’d randomly share some of my quilts and links to the website where you can find brief instructions.

This green double 4 patch is a favorite of mine. I’ve also made a queen size red version that’s pictured on the website. Choose a color and grab a bunch of scraps to make your own version.


Casting on

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Yep I decided to take an easy pair of socks along with me. I always make sure I cast on and have the socks established before I leave … I’m still working on the k1p1 ribbing but I’m all set to carry these with me.


I always knit two at a time on two circular needles. I don’t get the complaints of tangled yarn … Its easy to pay attention to how the work needs to be rotated and who doesn’t love finishing two at one time?


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What’s on your needles? JudyL’s focusing Fridays on knitting updates now – I’m sad to say my knitting is neglected these days but I’ve been debating taking some with me on an upcoming trip. Problem is space is a premium in my bag but if I photocopy the instructions socks don’t really take up much space. Second internal debate is do I take the pair already in progress with a more complex pattern or start a new pair with stockinette stitch that can be easily picked up and put down?


Some grid quilting

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I often get asked what kind of quilting to do on HeartStrings tops and I find most anything works. I encourage people to hone their freemotion skills because the quilts are usually busy enough to hide those woobles we make when learning to quilt something new. Tying them is also a good option and today’s choice – a wavy grid. Easy to do on a domestic machine and the quilt stays very soft and cuddly too.

You may be able to see this one better from the back.

Love my charts and lists

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The iPad makes it easy to document and track progress toward my goals.

I use Reminders to keep my “To Do” lists. I don’t worry about marking them off on the exact date they’re completed but it helps me track my progress … Rather than one week or one month of goals, I usually track my time between trips. In this case, two months with two trips and as you can see I’m doing pretty good but with Italy coming up I still need to make some serious progress.


And because I think graphs help me easily see and interpret my data, I’ve set up a Numbers spreadsheet for my steps. My iPod Nano that I’m using for tracking my steps has a history feature so I go in every 2-3 days and add my data into the spreadsheet and it appears in the chart. You can see what I mean about having more days with > 10,000 steps earlier in the month. The chart helps me see I need to adapt and right now that means trying to increase my minimum from 5000 to 6 or 7000 steps.