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June’s UFO

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I’m finished a few days early again – this little HeartStrings was pieced about a year ago and look, I finally have some flowers for my deck. I waited until after our trip to buy them this year because I knew they’d die while we were gone.


It even has a little heart label. I’d been using the double hearts on my gift quilts but decided to try a simple one for this quilt. I fuse the square of fabric and run it though my GO using one of the two heart dies I have. Fuse it to the back and hand stitch it down with a blanket stitch.


On my needles

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I didn’t knit a tremendous amount while I was gone but I did get a pair of socks knit up to the heel.


Yesterday was a very, very long travel day so we’re having a fairly mellow day here. We went out for breakfast on the way to pick Chesty up at the kennel and I’ve been sorting mail, paying bills, and working on binding.

Another day on the train

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We love traveling by train and this trip is proving to be perfect for that too. Yesterday we arrived at Monterosso.

After relaxing a bit on the terrace of our B&B , we walked around a bit, had dinner, and then strolled by the sea.



I’ve been very lazy the last couple days and haven’t been toting the camera around. These photos have been snapped with my iPhone and I hope I won’t end up with regrets. Luckily the resolution is high enough for 4×6 prints or viewing on the iPad which is where we view most of our photos these days