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I’m obsessed with knitting

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I restarted the watermelon socks NOT because of the mismatched striping but because I decided to go up on my needle size. Most of my socks are made with fingering yarn and I have my size figured out exactly but this yarn is a sport weight and I wasn’t sure of the size when I started. The larger needle will be better I think. Luckily they knit up fast and while I was restarting them, I did pay attention to the color sequence.


My packing is done and I’m heading to the library now but when I get home tonight I might cast on another scarf to take with me on my trip. I’ll be gone a week and don’t want to run out of something to work on. I’ll miss Keith and Chesty though because they’re staying home this time.

The cowl is finished

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I tried to snap some photos last night with my cell phone but A. I’m not good at self portraits and B. the lighting was poor so I added a photo effect to counteract the graininess of the photos. If I get a chance I might retake these today but I’ve got a very busy day — packing for tomorrow and volunteering at the library.


I made it wider than the pattern because I live in Minnesota, I need a scarf that is as warm as it is decorative. When we walk in the winter I like to pull my scarf up to cover my face.


I love how easy this was to knit, love how soft and warm the yarn feels but don’t really love the variegation of this particular colorway. I’ll probably make another one of these in a different color yarn.

I gave up

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After taking Chesty to the vet this morning I gave up on getting anything but binding and knitting done today while I wait until the meds kick in. He’s beside himself with itching and only settles down if I’m right with him. From experience, I know he will be much improved by this time tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ve made lots of progress on my cowl.


Still binding

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This top was pieced by Tish and quilted with the pantograph Ebb and Flow.


Two more are ready for me to hand sew the bindings and I’ve even got the labels on.


I feel a third of my life is taken up with either getting ready for a trip, going on a trip, or catching up from being gone…this week is pretty frantic because I’m catching up from being gone and getting ready to leave again….AND trying to get some quilts done too! Chesty’s not much help because his allergies have flared up again and I’ve got to call the vet in the morning and try to get him seen tomorrow.


I hate hanks … Of yarn

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I wish all yarn came in skeins … I’m less than skilled when it comes to winding yarn into balls … Or are they cakes of yarn? For better or worse, my purchases from today are wound and ready to use. Want to guess how long it takes me to complete all three projects? (Along with the socks currently in progress and the ones on the to do list?) Right now I’m on a knitting kick but who knows how long it will last.


First up is this Cowl in the gray yarn.

On my needles

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I am really enjoying my knitting lately … But I’m not too sure about NOT starting these socks in the same place in the color sequence. It’s my first time using yarn that has such a wide stripe and the socks are completely different. It never seemed to matter with the socks from the narrower yarn but I might just have to change my tune the next time I use yarn with these wider stripes and make sure I start them at the same point.

With time in the car and on the plane, I made good progress today. What do you think? Would this bother you?