Kitty’s top

Keith and I did tons of walking this weekend but I did find time to make a binding and get it on this HeartStrings top pieced by Kitty. Quilted with my Swirly version of Dwirling from the Pajama Quilter DVD.


3 thoughts on “Kitty’s top

  1. Ann

    Another beauty! I hope you and Keith are taking it easy in this heatwave. Do you have your spot picked out to watch the fireworks? Not going to lie, I would rather have snow than weather this hot, although it is great for the farmers and the gardens. Have a safe fun holiday!

  2. Shari in AZ

    I love your swirly version. I’ve added them to mine as well, especially when I need more movement.

    Have a wonderful, safe holiday!

  3. Carol

    What a lovely color selection. No need to look at the color wheel next time I want to pull fabric. Thanks Mary you are a gem.

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