Some more Dwirling

I came downstairs after posting the photo of my latest finish and loaded another HeartStrings top — I’m pretty sure this one is from AnnG  (brought home from the March sew-in) because she sent me another top with the same fabric in the block centers.

I did switch out the back for something more masculine because I think this one will work well as a QOV and I should have 3-4 to send Alycia in a month or two once I finish all the quilting and binding.

It’s quilted with a swirly version of Dwirling from the Pajama Quilter DVD.  I love this on HeartStrings quilts because the texture looks great and it goes quickly — and since I went from having 3 donation tops here to 13 in one week — quick is good!

4 thoughts on “Some more Dwirling

  1. Joan

    About how far apart are your lines when you do dwirling on these tops? I have done one top that way that I just finished the binding on, but I ended up putting lots more “twirls” in it, so I call it my Dwirl and Twirl pattern.


  2. Sara

    Mary, thanks for sending to QOV. The need is very great now as the fighting in AFG has intensified and the hospitals there and in Germany have asked more many more QOVs each week. Though not in the news much these days, this country still has tens of thousands of troops in harm’s way

  3. AnnG

    Yes, these were my blocks. Thanks so much for quilting it Mary. I’m happy for it to go to QOV!

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