I really must be in the mood for binding… While I have the binding bits out from last night, I decided to piece together one more. This is what’s left — I see more scrappy bindings in the near future to whittle this pile of leftovers down.


5 thoughts on “Binding

  1. Robin H

    I really like scrappy bindings on these HS quilts. Seems like a great way to finish off a scrappy beginning. lol

  2. Marcy

    You are so quick to get things binded! Curious, did you machine sew all of it? How do you do yours? Happy 4th of July. Marcy

  3. Roma

    Mary, I have done scrappy bindings ans actually like them better for scrap quilts. I have begun to sew my leftover binding together and roll them up to have a scrappy binding ready to go.It is a time saver for me anyway.
    Beautiful quilting as always on the donation quilts.
    Enjoy your day!

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