2 hours – 15 miles – 100 F – heat index 107

We were careful, drank lots of water, and didn’t push.



Hope you’re having a wonderful 4th!

6 thoughts on “Stats

  1. Lori

    Wow good for you. I did a 5K walk this AM. It was 64 degrees this AM. I thought that was hot when I got done!!!

  2. Flatlander (Linda)

    Wow … I am impressed. Reading your blog from an air conditioned house …..

  3. Carolyn in NC

    Ran a four mile race this morning called 4 on the 4th. i drank a lot yesterday and today. We got up to 101 as well.

    Stay cool and show us more of your great heartstring projects soon.

  4. Penny G

    I am impressed. Glad you could get out even though it was very hot. That is when you just drink as much as you can.

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