Binding again

The first of two tops pieced by AnnG is bound and the second is ready for hand stitching.


You’d probably be surprised at how many people tell me I should machine stitch these bindings but in my opinion, even a well stitched machine binding doesn’t look as nice as a hand stitched one and I don’t mind stitching them.


Keith asked me this morning when these were going to be donated … I don’t think he really cares but was wondering when I was going to remove them from the railing so today I folded them up to carry downstairs where they’ll be washed in preparation for donation. Of course, there are more to come including the second one of AnnG’s that needs to be stitched down so it won’t stay clear very long.


8 thoughts on “Binding again

  1. Jeane

    What a lovely display of the wonderful quilts your group makes which includes your quilting and binding. I am sure Keith is very proud of the excellent work you do.

  2. Cyndi Holguin

    I love see all those quilts. I am with you I had sew my binding all the time I love the look and I love doing them that way. I have a friend who tells me atleast 20 times a visit that I should machine sew them but I just don’t like them.

  3. SaraF

    They are all beautiful quilts. I’ve started another one myself, but it will take awhile before those blocks are done as I’m using them to run through between other seams. But I do enjoy making them.

    And I totally agree with you about the binding. I always hand sew mine for the same reason.

  4. Pamela kuniecki

    I am so with you on the binding issue, I simply don’t like the look of machine sewed bindings. I have done them when requested by the organization I’m donating the quilt to, but I don’t care for it at all. I enjoy the peaceful rythm of hand sewing the bindings down and in the winter I enjoy covering up with the quilt.

    Pamela in SOMD

  5. Marilyn McKinnon

    Totally with you on the hand stitching. It’s the perfect way to finish a quilt and just slows everything down. The finish is so much nicer than any machine quilting. I have a friend who always machines hers with the excuse that’s it’s for kids and will be washed a lot. None of mine have ever come adrift through washing. Hand stitch I say.

  6. Barb W in MN

    Mary, I agree with you…I love to handstitch my bindings. I’m happy when someone asks “if there’s someone who would please, please, please bind my quilt?”

    Great job on all the quilts!

  7. Nancy in CT

    I’m with you on the handbinding, Mary, with the exception of backings that get rolled over to the front. I will machine bind them, but only because I don’t have to see if the back looks as good as the front. If I know that’s all that has to be done, I don’t think I could put it aside for more and do them all together.

    Hopefully after today the heat wave will break and I can think of going into the sewing room. I’m tempted to bring the sewing machine downstairs and set it up on the dining room table.( We don’t eat there very often. Right now it’s the ‘mail station’).

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