A change of plans

Seems like as soon as I post that I’m going to do something, I change my mind. Today I planned to load and quilt a HeartStrings top and get a couple others trimmed and ready for binding … After way too much time on the computer responding to emails and cleaning up my inbox I went downstairs and looked at the mountain of batting scraps waiting to be sewn into usable pieces.

So that along with piecing a couple backs for small donation tops will be my task for what’s left of the afternoon. Most of these will be sewn together by machine but I did buy some fusible batting tape to try for those times when I just want to make one pieced batting for a specific quilt but don’t want to change the thread in my sewing machine. I think it’s too expensive to use on all my pieced batts.


11 thoughts on “A change of plans

  1. Robin

    Hi Mary,

    Instead of the fusible strips try buying fusible tricot interfacing by the yard (or bolt) at JoAnn’s and just cut strips to using instead. It works exactly the same for me a waaaaaaay less expensive.

  2. Beryl in Utah

    I also use the tricot interfacing method. I think it works great and is easier than sewing. I place my batting pieces on the floor in the order I want them joined then bring the iron down and iron the pieces together. I cut my strips of the interfacing about 1 inch wide

  3. Lizzy Hentze

    Mary, you can make your own fusible web strips. I buy the lightest weight fusible interfacing when it comes on special and buy 10 or so metres. Then I just cut strips of about 2″ each and hey presto, it does the same job and a fraction of the cost. Here in Australia, I can get the interfacing for about 90c a metre on sale.
    I find it much quicker to join the strips and I offer free strips to show my customers who piece batting together (often VERY POORLY!!) how simple it is.

  4. Lynne

    I do that – spend way too much time on the computer (especially now I have an iPad) and do something else other than what I planned to do. I join my batting scraps with needle and thread.

  5. Carol

    Ha ha Zsuzsanna. How perceptive you are with your artistic eye.I too see the Dragon. Cheers from Canada.

  6. Barb in MI/FL

    Mary, I’ll echo Robin’s comment. For years I’ve purchased fusible *woven* interfacing to use to join batting pieces. It’s fast and once the quilt is quilted, stays in place wonderfully.

  7. heather

    Just wondering if you can fuse the other kind of batting?? I think its polyester but I’m not sure. I have a lot of leftovers but none of them are big enough for a quilt. I keep saving them because I can’t stand to just throw them away.

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