That’s a lot of batting scraps!

I got two backs pieced, 4 battings pieced and there’s still a lot left.

I label the size of the battings so it will be easy to pair them up with tops without having to unfold them all to check the size.


I also worked on knitting this evening. I finally got the first heels turned and picked up the gusset stitches but it wasn’t pretty. I didn’t read my instructions as carefully as I should have and it’s been a long time since I turned a heel. I’m going to do the pink pair right away so I don’t make the same mistakes (I hope).

7 thoughts on “That’s a lot of batting scraps!

  1. Vic

    I also need to piece together some battings…I thought I was the only one who couldn’t bear to let those go to waste!! Love your quilting and your Heartstrings project….

  2. Teresa

    Love those scraps, but boy that is a lot of batting! I am wanting to make several of your patterns, but haven’t decided, yet which one is first.

  3. Brenda Strobel

    Mary, could you share details on how you piece batting? Is there a limit to how many pieces you put together or how small each piece is?

  4. Kay L Ford-Sollimo

    Me, too. I just look at it as you would be tossing $$$ in the trash. Not going to happen! And, if the batting trimmings are too small to be basted for use in a quilt, they go into the dog bed piles.

  5. Jackie in NJ

    I can’t even bear to waste the scraps of the scraps, so that’s why I do QAYG. I only need a 10.5″ square for that and I even piece them!

  6. Shari in AZ

    Where do you get all yoiur battings? Do they come in with the quilt tops? I always piece my battings together. I refuse to waste all that $$$.

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